Weekend Situation : trying to be healthy with grated corn, cherry tomatoes, basil, calamansi (to replace lemon juice), grated cheese and lots of Cayenne pepper 

In the midst of what I thought as a quiet weekend, something happened. 

I started writing this post on a cold and rainy Saturday evening. I usually love this kind of weather, especially when staying at home. In the midst of a quiet weekend, something disheartening happened. It started when I discovered another form of betrayal from the same person. How worst can some people go? They have been blessed with better lives. I'm trying to live mine in the most discrete way. All I wanted was a quiet and comfortable life. But someone took the slightest opportunity to initiate trouble.  How can someone feel so gratified while watching other people struggle? Part of me thinks that this person feels unloved. She has not been healed from bitterness. She lacks friends, who should have encouraged her to embrace positivity. 

I'm tired. I don't know where will this lead. How far will this person interfere? For now, I'll allow my emotions to settle and as always, remain thankful to my support system. Other than family, I have real friends. I have a few people, who silently remained through the years. They celebrated my honest and humble accomplishments, accepted my weaknesses and more importantly, never compromised our friendship for shallow and questionable opportunities. This alone is more than enough. 

Prior to this encounter, the past week ended with a surprise

Despite the bad weather, I visited my friend A at Taguig for two reasons, Shake Shack and Fully Booked. 

One of my favorite spots at Fully Booked, the shelves that provide a great view of the city

the graphic design at the elevator
Titles in my wish list - But if priorities have to be implemented, I wish to have the Chanel and Louis Vuitton books. I hope these titles will also be available on the upcoming Manila International Book Fair. 

Being in the area also enabled me to explore other shops
We also tried the popular Magnolia Bakery, the New York based bakery that opened its doors in Manila 

Still about books, my Kate Spade publication collection will soon be completed. I just need two more titles to complete the series. 

The newest addition to my Kate Spade family. This edition was never available from our local bookstores. It was only Book Depository that helped me acquire this title. 

Some pages from the book - It's an elegant travel book that features mostly classic and colourful retro scenery. It showcases some of the best destinations in the world, which as expected, does not include the Philippines

But upon browsing the last few pages, I saw a familiar flag.  I guess this is fine for now. :)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!