Friday, August 9, 2019

Fully Booked BGC

Almost a week ago, I had the chance to leave the workplace earlier. Roads heading home were flooded so I decided to divert and visit the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). As always, this means having a trip to Fully Booked.

Everything here feels so welcoming and refreshing. The glass windows, paper decors, accommodating staff and of course, all the books waiting to be read.

The main attraction

Sometimes, I wish libraries look like this

and I hope Fridays will forever be like this

Years ago, I emailed Fully Booked my resume. In my dreams, I hope I'll be given the opportunity to work in a place like this. 


  1. Aww I miss this place. I would get a random book and look for a spot to sit on and read quietly. And the smell of the place... it's like taking a whiff while flipping through pages of a new book without doing so :)

  2. It does sound like a dream job to work in that beautiful place surrounded by books. I spent my entire career in libraries, has that ever interested you? Fully Booked would be lucky to have you. Oh, and I love the art work of the lady on the books.

    1. Yes, libraries are equally beautiful place for me.

  3. I also like this Fully Booked branch :-)
    Whenever I pass by Boni High Street, I go inside for a few minutes even without buying anything, haha. I just hope they add more couch or chairs inside..


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