Some statements that remained with me the past weeks 
You do not have a right to tell anyone how they should cope with pain.  - A round of applause!!! Something I've been meaning to shout out. This statement came from a netizen, who shared sentiments on the controversial catfight between two female celebrities. I'm sure fellow Filipinos are familiar with this "national" issue that overpowered the outbreak of dengue hemorrhagic fever.  

Filipinos condemn bullies but they never favor "third parties" in relationships. - Thanks to my friend E for emphasizing this. ;)

I refuse to be your victim. :p - The sentiments of a female celebrity wasn't taken seriously. :p  It has become an overused humorous statement within my circles. 

Adding to it the more popular, you do note Cassie, hindi ka papasok sa iskool today .... :p - I work for a school so imagine how colleagues and students overuse this meme.

While part of me is smiling, I have another set of thoughts waiting to be written.

Living with expectations and comparison - How I wish I could detail everything. But sure enough, everyone has experienced being compared.  It feels as if my capabilities are determined by my ability to outnumber the accomplishments of the person before me. On the contrary, I wouldn't feel flattered if I was in the shoes of the superior person. I'll never be happy knowing I caused another person's misery. 

Some people never admit shortcomings, but are experts in finding fault - I had my share last week. If life has been a drama series, I will be provoked and challenged. I will end up producing something exceptional. I will give the person an opportunity to eat dust. But in reality, the best I can do is deliver my task and ignore these "fault finders." Otherwise, I will live desperately seeking their approval.

Knowing when to give up - Something life has been painfully teaching me. I don't seem to learn. Hence, disappointments are continuously pouring on me. My expectations and dependence from other people should end. I've proven it many times, everything turns out right when I steer my own plans. Unfortunately, I refuse to learn. 

Righteousness is relative - Even the state of being right is dependent on the person in position. I rest my case. 

I have the capability to travel only if I managed my expenses well - The last time I traveled abroad was in 2016. I'm longing to add another country in my list. But with the rate of my financial management, there's no way I can do it this year. I'm always amazed how the younger millenials, especially former students who have less than 5 years of work, can regularly afford to travel. 

Never promise what you can't deliver - Beyond work, never present yourself as the person you cannot fulfill. Like telling someone you have a friend on me, I'm just a one message away, I will remain your loyal friend, even with the time distance. I realized, people pretending to be a support system  are fulfilling the need to appear good for their own sake. This is so inhumane because more often than not, people badly needing support become blinded by selfish promises. 

Meanwhile from the positive side of life, we have a better weather today. I was able to catch a great movie from Cinema One. Rainbow Sunset starring the late Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero and Tony Mabesa did not disappoint. It's a family movie overflowing with themes on friendship, acceptance and unconditional love. I also finished Korean drama series, Touch Your Heart. All I can say is Lee Dong Wook is love!!!! ;) 

Before this day ended, I visited one of my favorite places in the world, Monasterio de Santa Clara. I attended mass with my mother and had spicy ramen for dinner. Simple things like these are enough to make the best weekends. 

To another work week, with an extended holiday to enjoy. :)