The last Korean drama I watched was Sky Castle. The story line was heavy, serious and heart breaking. In effect, I wanted a lighter and feel good drama for my next series. I started watching Touch Your Heart last February via VIU. I was in sync when it was still aired in South Korea. I enjoyed the first episode because part of it included a spoof from my favorite, Descendants of the Sun. I eventually stopped watching because my colleague highly recommended Sky Castle. I somehow regretted this because Touch Your Heart made it to my list of favorites.

Touch Your Heart stars Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook. Yoo In-na is an actress whose career suffered from a drug related scandal. To mitigate the damage, Yoo In-na was temporarily retired from the industry. In preparation for a possible comeback, Yoo In-na was tasked to work in a law firm. The working stint was made to prepare her for a possible role as a lawyer. In the law firm, Yoon In-na was assigned to become the secretary of the smartest lawyer, Lee Dong-wook.  The usual Korean drama plot, they initially hated each other. Somewhere along the way, with the help of alcohol :p, they ended developing feelings for each other. 

Things I love about this series are the following
1. Perfect amount of cheese :p  - I was smiling the entire time watching the series. Though some scenes are exaggerated, I enjoyed each episode that expressed how Yoon In-Na and Lee Dong-wook liked each other. 

2.  Perfect Casting - Even the supporting actors were exceptional. Most are hilarious, but the few who held serious roles performed well. 

3.  Fast and polished transition - Everything has to be squeezed in 16 episodes. Though part of me wished it was prolonged to 20 episodes. Nevertheless, I love how each episode was crafted. There are no dragging, repetitive and unnecessary scenes. Each has its own highlight and perfect transition. But if I were to choose, episodes 4 to 7 were the best. 

4. Lee Dong-wook never disappoints - I watched Lee Dong-wook's few drama series and sure enough, he is beyond great looks. He has that much sought "chemisty" with Yoon In-Na since Goblin. However, I can't help but feel bothered over Yoon In-Na's figure. She looks like someone with a 19-inch waist line. I hope she gets some weight.

5. The OST are the best - This is a consistent element of great Korean dramas. Some venture to producing new songs specific for a drama series. While others adopt existing music from the Kpop industry. It was my first time to appreciate Wendy of Red Velvet and Chen of EXO. 

A few scenes I loved the most

I love how the employees of the law firm dressed well. The trench coats are calling my attention.

The scarf, which felt like adopted from a scene in Descendants of the Sun. If my memory serves me right, this was the first time when Lee Dong-wook became appreciatve to Yoon In-na.

One of the times when you have to ignore your full bladder :p

Heart shaped sticky notes 

Like in Sky Castle, I noticed Korean dramas are fond of emphasizing hand gestures

When you need a good laugh, watch this episode carefully ;)

Probably the lone stressful scene

Lee Dong-wook's Chanel endorsement is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because all drama series need to have a kitchen scene

Yoon In-na never changed her bed sheets ;) 

The female lead has to have a reliable support system

and if we are talking about romantic comedies, there should be a silly stuffed toy that symbolizes something :p

Hands down, 5 out of 5 stars for Touch Your Heart