Thursday, August 15, 2019

Korean Drama I Love : Touch Your Heart

The last Korean drama I watched was Sky Castle. The story line was heavy, serious and heart breaking. In effect, I wanted a lighter and feel good drama for my next series. I started watching Touch Your Heart last February via VIU. I was in sync when it was still aired in South Korea. I enjoyed the first episode because part of it included a spoof from my favorite, Descendants of the Sun. I eventually stopped watching because my colleague highly recommended Sky Castle. I somehow regretted this because Touch Your Heart made it to my list of favorites.

Touch Your Heart stars Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook. Yoo In-na is an actress whose career suffered from a drug related scandal. To mitigate the damage, Yoo In-na was temporarily retired from the industry. In preparation for a possible comeback, Yoo In-na was tasked to work in a law firm. The working stint was made to prepare her for a possible role as a lawyer. In the law firm, Yoon In-na was assigned to become the secretary of the smartest lawyer, Lee Dong-wook.  The usual Korean drama plot, they initially hated each other. Somewhere along the way, with the help of alcohol :p, they ended developing feelings for each other. 

Things I love about this series are the following
1. Perfect amount of cheese :p  - I was smiling the entire time watching the series. Though some scenes are exaggerated, I enjoyed each episode that expressed how Yoon In-Na and Lee Dong-wook liked each other. 

2.  Perfect Casting - Even the supporting actors were exceptional. Most are hilarious, but the few who held serious roles performed well. 

3.  Fast and polished transition - Everything has to be squeezed in 16 episodes. Though part of me wished it was prolonged to 20 episodes. Nevertheless, I love how each episode was crafted. There are no dragging, repetitive and unnecessary scenes. Each has its own highlight and perfect transition. But if I were to choose, episodes 4 to 7 were the best. 

4. Lee Dong-wook never disappoints - I watched Lee Dong-wook's few drama series and sure enough, he is beyond great looks. He has that much sought "chemisty" with Yoon In-Na since Goblin. However, I can't help but feel bothered over Yoon In-Na's figure. She looks like someone with a 19-inch waist line. I hope she gets some weight.

5. The OST are the best - This is a consistent element of great Korean dramas. Some venture to producing new songs specific for a drama series. While others adopt existing music from the Kpop industry. It was my first time to appreciate Wendy of Red Velvet and Chen of EXO. 

A few scenes I loved the most

I love how the employees of the law firm dressed well. The trench coats are calling my attention.

The scarf, which felt like adopted from a scene in Descendants of the Sun. If my memory serves me right, this was the first time when Lee Dong-wook became appreciatve to Yoon In-na.

One of the times when you have to ignore your full bladder :p

Heart shaped sticky notes 

Like in Sky Castle, I noticed Korean dramas are fond of emphasizing hand gestures

When you need a good laugh, watch this episode carefully ;)

Probably the lone stressful scene

Lee Dong-wook's Chanel endorsement is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because all drama series need to have a kitchen scene

Yoon In-na never changed her bed sheets ;) 

The female lead has to have a reliable support system

and if we are talking about romantic comedies, there should be a silly stuffed toy that symbolizes something :p

Hands down, 5 out of 5 stars for Touch Your Heart 

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  1. Parang gusto ko tuloy itong panuorin!
    Ang na observe ko sa karamihan ng kdramas ok sa start until first half then after that minsan dragging na or andami na filler scenes. Pero dahil ayon sa review mo it's the opposite so sige bigyan ko to ng chance! Haha.

    Though antagal ko nang hindi nakanuod ng kdrama, this year wala pa ata. Nag movie and youtube (vlogs) mode muna ako, haha.

    Favorite part ko pa naman ng Goblin sina grim reaper at Sunny. At doon ko din na appreciate si LDW. Dati di ko talaga ma gets ang hype sa kanya noong pinalabas ang My Girl sa Pinas. But after Goblin na gets ko na, hahaha.


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