Happy Sunday!

As always, sharing here the few beautiful things that made my week
First assignment of the year is finally done!

I rarely get invited to events spearheaded by students. This activity was organized by the last batch of Economics majors of our school. Yes, last batch :(  Management decided to discontinue offering the program. It's sad but I'm proud and contented because I was entrusted with the responsibility of handling the last batch of graduates. Nevertheless, great job kids! Everyone has proven that the our tribe of Economistas are indeed scarce and valuable. 

My current favorites! I'm loving my first MAC Studio Fix paired with my Myra Vitawhite Face lotion. They make the best primer.

My recent discovery is iWhite's Moisturizing Facial Wash. Celeteque still works for me except for the instances when my skin feels terribly dry. I've been searching for an alternative brand that doesn't cause minor breakouts and flaking. So far, iWhite has been working for me. Hopefully, I can write a review for iWhite. 

My Sunday post would never be complete without my favorite foodie posts
Guilty! How can I resist my favorite treats from Taco Bell?

 Good vs. Evil!
freshest and crispiest French Fries vs. healthier Mocca Mamon from Monde
I alternate them in a week and this is how I define balanced diet haha

Siomai with the fiercest bits of chili and peeled lychees on a Friday night
Perfect way to end the long workweek

Finally ,a healthier choice here

My struggle to find healthier meals is somehow answered by the nearby 7-11 store. In addition to this, 7-11 finally did some marketing move. They extended their value meals to their line of healthy snacks.

 I've been obsessed with Peter Pan collar these days. I have a couple of these in my closet ;) 

Ending my Sunday posts with this
Berocca's tablet diluted to a glass of water to ease out the week long colds
I would to believe that this formula has been working for me. Whenever I have colds, I would usually end up stricken by fever. This time however, my colds are gradually healing. 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!