Instead of preparing and studying my lectures for the week, I spent my Sunday afternoon watching this

I remember badly wanting to watch this film. But for some reason I can't even remember, I failed to catch it on the big screen. I bought a DVD copy which I just allowed to sleep in one of my storage boxes. I was tidying up my things the past few weeks and intentionally took out the DVD. My laziness overpowered me and in effect, it took me weeks to finally watch it.

It wasn't the best film. It didn't receive the best reviews but I actually liked it. The movie featured a lot of substories from family, career, and relationships. The ending highlighted Sarah Jessica Parker and Josh Duhamel's rekindled affair. This should have awakened my romantic hormones but it didn't. It appeared to me as a fairy tale meant to happen only in books. Hillary Swank's portrayal of fulfilling the demands of her career and an ailing father also didn't appeal to me. I found myself appreciating the story of Michelle Pfeiffer, minus the budding May-December affair with Zac Efron.

I hate to admit it but I see much of myself in the shoes of Michelle Pfeiffer. Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer) was portrayed as the typical pathetic and lifeless office employee. Give me more years of laziness and hopelessness, I will end up exactly like Ingrid. When Ingrid finally quitted her job, she gave herself a chance.  She wrote her New Year's resolution list hoping to fulfill everything by midnight. To make this possible,  Ingrid entered a deal with Paul (Zac Efron). Paul will get the tickets for the Masquerade Ball if he will help Ingrid complete her list.

Not that I wanted Zac Efron :) but the fulfillment of Ingrid's wish list affected me. I ended up asking myself when will I have the courage to pursue my own list? In the first place, when will I finally write down the things I wanted to achieve?

I always say that I'm too occupied with work related concerns. Count more years and I will soon realize that I'm occupying myself with nothing. Work will forever remain as work. But my life? It's not meant to stay with me. I recognize and value my responsibilities but I know, time will come when I will ask myself... Did I really live my life?

Perhaps this is just part of my occasional quarter life crisis attacks. I will be occupied and soon enough, I will forget this. I just have to prepare myself  on the next time I will encounter this. The cycle will recur and I can't avoid it. Part of me is wishing that I should just go on because in the end, everything will be fine.