Monday, July 22, 2013

Rustic Mornings at Isabelo

I'm excited to write this post! It's been a while since I last visited and reviewed a restaurant that offers great food and service and provides the much needed relaxing environment. If I have the time and means, I would regularly spend my weekend mornings here.

Officially declared as one of my favorite places in the world, I'll let the pictures relate everything

I first encountered Isabelo Garden Restaurant from a former schoolmate who blogged everything in this post. It was several years ago and as much as I wanted to try the place, I learned that they strictly operate by reservation. I was disappointed but I understood the owner's sentiments. She wanted to preserve the place. I also read somewhere that the food was exclusively prepared by the owner. Years after, I started to encounter a number of blog posts that related the new face of Isabelo. From a garden restaurant, it renamed itself as Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. I can finally experience the place without the hassles of reservation. The only problem left is whom should I bring to this foodie adventure. Good thing, my dear friend M agreed to join me. Thanks M!

The restaurant is quite hidden but is situated near famous landmarks in Marikina. It's right across the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church and the Shoe Museum. You have to pass this narrow and hidden street to reach the place.

A surprisingly spacious parking space and a house covered with trees welcomed us

 Consistent in the entire area is the uneven and artistically combined floor tiles

Diners can choose to stay inside the airconditioned house or anywhere in the garden
 This was our spot. 

We opted to stay in the garden since it was well ventilated with all the electric fans.

While waiting for our orders, I opted to explore the entire place
There were plants everywhere but I never encountered mosquitoes or even the tiniest insect. I guess the owner did her share of ensuring the comfort and safety of the diners.

I love the hanging wooden windows and the shabby tables and chairs. The chapped white paint and the different chairs provided a quaint and elegant effect. I'm not in to interior design but I was reminded that sometimes, mismatches create the best matches.

A little reminder for everyone

I love this metal bench with the floral foam. Those who know me well have figured out that it's because of color blue :)

The hanging bottles, bird cage, kitchen tools do not relate but they work together here :)

Enchanting view from our seat

I wanted to believe that this place was made for me. I like everything that I see here.
 The shabby chic porch inspired by blue and white made me envision my dream home.

Different lamps making another decorative piece
There are actual fluorescent bulbs inside. I believe they would look better during night time.  

Shades of blue and white again
This will be my inspiration for my dream home.  

Inside the small house is the air conditioned dining area that feasts with my dream color scheme
The chapped white paint in every furniture, different chairs, and the uneven floor tiles again made me fall in love with the entire place. 

Even the wash area mesmerized me.

Outside the house is another dining area that brought me nothing but amazement
I always believe that I'm for minimalism. But at this point, I admit that I appreciate all the little things I see. My eternal appreciation for blue chairs, the locally produced wooden handicrafts, and surprisingly, the rusty metal pails

Another showcase of the best uneven floor tiles

A contrast of the shabby white bench and the classic dark brown wooden  bench  

Another area to love is a room that houses the owner's paintings

I almost forgot to write the main reason why we went here
I had a tall glass of Mango shake paired with this heavy meal

French Toast, crunchy bacon slices and herbed hash brown all for Php 220

The french toast and the herbed hash brown were for the win! The toast was tasty, chewy and comes with a real buttermilk spread. The herbed hash brown was something new for me. I would like to believe that this is all natural potatoes because of the strips of fiber

It was a happy greasy meal!

My friend M opted for a healthier meal

Like any other budget consumer, I know that you are interested with the prices. Here's a preview of their best selling Rustic Mornings menu

Great food, great place and great service, what more can I ask for? I will definitely come back!

To know more about Rustic Mornings at Isabelo, visit their website here.


  1. What an enchanting place! I too love the decorating and the food looks glorious. I particularly like the treatment they gave the water jug. Looks like cheesecloth with bangles. So lovely. I can see why you will go back many times, that is, if you can find it again..oh, what am I saying, it's by the shoe museum and I know you can find your way there!

  2. nice place D! gusto ko din ng French toast. : )

  3. Wow, I love this place! I love all the colourful tiling and the mix and match chairs! What a fun place! And I like that it is hidden in that leafy green alley. How lovely and happy for you that you finally got to try it out :)
    I miss trying out restaurants from when I lived in the big city!

  4. Why did I have to read this just before I eat breakfast? My cereal and half a grapefruit just won't do!! What a fabulous place, no wonder it's your favorite.

  5. I love the atmosphere Dianne... Ncie for an intimate meal with the loved one

  6. Thanks for sharing, Diane! Ang gaganda ng mga nadidiscover mong restaurants - very unique!

  7. Ang gaganda ng mga nadidiscover mong restaurants! I'm not familiar with Marikina but this place sure is very interesting. Must schedule a trip here soon!

  8. Lovely photos! Have you tried their brunch buffet? Is it worth it?

    1. Hi Marla! I didn't know they have a brunch buffet. Maybe one of these days, I'll try it. Thanks for the info :)

  9. Hi Diane! My husband and I got married here in 2012.The place is really awesome and you've pretty much described its loveliness and gastronomical delights in your blog. And I looooove the rustic motif :)

    1. Hi Celeste!

      Wow, you got married here! I imagined the place to be more enchanting and lovely with the wedding ceremony :)

  10. Hi, Ms. Diane. My friends and I are planning to visit Rustic Mornings. :) Would like to ask for directions if we'll be coming from LRT Santolan or LRT Cubao. Thank you! :) - Rai

    1. Hi Raizel! The best option is actually LRT Katipunan Station :) From Katipunan station, exit to the side of PSBA. Take a jeepney ride bound to Calumpang. Tell the driver to alight you near the Marikina Shoe Museum.

      Should there be no jeepney bound to Calumpang, take any jeepney / fx bound to Marikina. Tell the driver to alight you in the 7-11 at the end of the Marikina bridge. From there, you can take the jeepney bound to Calumpang.

      If you chose the LRT Santolan station, you have to cross the street and take a tricycle. The tricycle area can be found at the passageway near 7-11.

      Cubao can be an option but you might get stuck in traffic along Aurora Blvd. Sayang oras :) In case you decide the LRT Cubao route, take any jeepney bound to Calumpang. In case you can't find any, any jeep / fx / uv express bound to marikina will do. Just alight at the 7-11 store after the Marikina bridge. From there, you can take the jeepney bound to Calumpang. Just tell the driver to alight you at Rustic Mornings or the Marikina Shoe Museum. It's walking distance from that area.

      Hope this helps


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