Bookstores make one of my happy places. If I could juggle to another job, I would love to work in a bookstore. If I could still manage, I could even volunteer for a bookstore. I may not be able to read an entire collection in my lifetime but being surrounded with books is something I would really love.

My book collections are beginning to accumulate everywhere. They are literally scattered everywhere from home to the workplace.  If given the chance, I want to have my own library and workstation in our tiny home. If this is not possible, I can settle with unique shelves which I blogged here.

Another dream I would to love to fulfill is to build my own bookstore and coffee shop. I wanted it to become a fusion of shabby chic and rustic atmosphere. Old white wood with accents of blue and green ...  I'm daydreaming.  Haha

While my dream is waiting to be fulfilled, I'm contented with my regular trips to different bookstores. My few friends who are also book lovers have been telling me to visit Fully Booked's High Street branch. I live and work faraway from this place. There's no way for me to see the place except during weekends or holidays. To tell you honestly, I've been to High Street only twice ;) I love the place but it's just so far from home.
Last weekend, I was able to finally see the main and premiere branch of my ever favorite Fully Booked.

I love the modern industrial structure. I made sure to explore the place and I was like a kid brought to my own heaven of happiness.

While I'm already overwhelmed with the numerous books around, something mesmerized me more.

These are not just piles of books.
It showcases a marvelous artwork.
I rarely encounter artworks and masterpieces these days. I was planning to revisit museums lately as advised by my blog friend Cheryl. It will give me an opportunity to appreciate art and the shallow reason of having the chance to dress up, prettify myself and feel good. Haha

Another shot from the upper floor!

The first massive book structure I've ever seen. I learned from Fully Booked's blog that this artwork is named as Discarded Romance. The talented artist responsible for this piece of beauty is  Mike Stilkey. More than his talent, I admire his life story and sentiments. 

The video is quite long. But please take time to listen to Mike's account of his story

One thing I learned, behind every artwork is a beautiful story waiting to be told.