I was fortunate to win The Soshal Network's anniversary giveaway. I particularly won a set of foodie gift certificates. Belly heavy is screaming happy again! Haha I redeemed one of my prizes, which happens to be a dozen of treats from ...

Unfortunately, the selling site of Empire Macarons is faraway from home and the workplace. I'm also not familiar with their site in Quezon City. In the end, I requested my prize to be delivered at the workplace. A few exchange of text messages and a minimal shipping fee enabled me to experience my first box set of French macaroons. 

Another French dream fulfilled!

How can you resist these dainty pieces of happiness?

I love French macaroons but I don't have any idea of how should it taste in the first place. I've never tasted an authentic French macaroon hand carried all the way from France. More so, I don't know which among the shops in France offer the first authentic macaron recipe. I only know Laduree which branched out to my neighboring Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. The countries are just hours away from Manila but it's not everyday that I could afford a plane ticket. Haha  Thank God for the creative juices of entrepreneurship. There are brave and hard working souls who took the challenge of  bringing European treats fitted to the tastes and preference of the local citizens.

From what I read, Empire Macaron is a home-based business personally managed and operated by a wife and mother, George Rocha. Hats off to the homemaker who turned her passion to a business opportunity. Empire Macarons is also guided by the principle of "no shortcuts" as shown in their site here.  This principle is obviously present only among homemade goodies. Since the macarons are not commercialized, customers are assured of quality and consistency.

Here are more mouth-watering photos of Empire Macaron

 the actual size of their macarons

I love this variant. Problem is, I never managed to research their respective names. I was more excited to finally taste these pieces of heavenly treats.

I'm not a big fan of chocolates but I love this piece. The fusion of saltiness and sweetness is for the win.

The best thing I love about Empire Macaron is the right amount of sweetness to each variant. It's very consistent to each flavor. I shared the macaroons to my friends and they loved it too. 

Empire Macaron is not one of those desserts that will overwhelm your taste buds because of excessive sweetness.  It has enough sweetness that would make you crave for the next piece. 
Another thing to love about Empire Macaron is the filling that is not made of air.
It's delicately drawn to perfection!

Thank you Empire Macaron! You made my belly heavy happy again and as always, I'm troubled on how to lose the additional lines in the weighing scale again. :)