Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 69 - Busyness and Sweetness

I'm afraid that I'm making another lousy post again. Why? It's because the past week was just all about work. August is a blessing of overflowing work for me. When the month ends, I can hopefully accept more work (heehee) in time for my favorite time of the year.

Setting aside that serious side of my life, here are snippets of the few beautiful things that made my week.

How can you get more excited than this!
A few shots from the opening ceremonies of the Annual Intramurals for our dearest college kids

This is one of the rare days when students are more than willing to come early for school :)

At the workplace....
Bubbatealicious' Milk Tea after a long day at work! My favorite variant is Wintermelon. How about you? Do you also like milk tea?

Wearing my old military inspired jacket since it's been raining over the past days.

My Sunday post will never be complete without all my foodie adventures. I know its unhealthy but I've been a fan of 7-11's hotdog sandwiches and Manhattan dressing.

Pan de Manila Sardines in Tomato Sauce - I've been reading positive reviews about Pan de Manila's line of sardines. When I had the chance to drop by one of their branches, I took home a bottle to finally experience everyone's recommendation. My verdict? The best!

Tous Les Jours (TLJ) Bakery - I discovered TLJ from my friend A. We thought that it's one of those expensive French bakeries. It's French but to our surprise, it's a Korean based company. We love TLJ because of their closing time sale. Most of their bread are sold 50% off price around 9 pm. All the while, I thought that they only exist in Greenbelt. I recently discovered a nearer branch on the way home. Hooray!

French Macaroons from TLJ - Not the best, but the cheapest at Php 28 each.

French Baker Macaroons
Yes, French Macaroons again!

Those who have been following me on Instagram (dianewrites) are very familiar with my French macaroon addiction. I got this box from French Baker for Php 192. The happiness lasted only a few minutes :) but I tell you, this is the best among the cheapest French macaroons in Manila.

How about you? What are the beautiful things that made your week?


  1. I LOVE bubble tea!!! My favourite variety would be the non-milk green tea sort. But if I had only milk tea to choose from, it would be almond milk tea :D I am crazy about artificial almond flavouring.

    1. Haven't tried almond milk tea, I would like to try it here. Hopefully, there's one that offers.

  2. dahil sa post na'to, i think i know where my next food trip will be.. ;-)

  3. That brand of tea is new to me; I usually drink coffee which I make at home. We buy whole coffee beans and grind just enough for a few cups. Those macaroons look delicious.

  4. Oo nga, tanda ko nga nung nagpost ako ng pic ng macaron ikaw ang kauna-unahang nag-like. Hahahahaha

  5. My submission wasn't this week, but more fun than this weeks posts! I love your macaroons, so pretty and colorful.

  6. The macaroons are so pretty. I love to see pictures of them. Thanks for hosting, Diane.

  7. Hello sweet friend and namemate! I'm happy to be linking today and enjoying a beautiful day. The sardines look good...I haven't had any in years and they sound good on a cracker right now! Enjoy your day! Sweet hugs!

  8. Those macaroons look delicious. Spending the past 5 days with my friends and my mom really made my week:-)


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