Life has been like this for the entire week

Work and classes were suspended so I was on house arrest for a week. I took advantage of the unexpected vacation to accomplish my pending freelance works.

The week long of heavy rainfall is finally over. I woke up with a better weather.

Before reporting back for work, I managed to spend some time with my cousins. We spent the entire day at the mall and ended the day with our favorite hobby.

When Chicken Bon Chon was introduced in the Philippine market, the craze for the best fried chicken in town has intensified. There is Chicken Charlie, Manang's Chicken and 4 Fingers. Bon Doy's Chicken joins the bandwagon of providing the tastiest fried chicken in town.

The small restaurant is located along the stretch of J.P. Rizal St. It's particularly situated inside the previous parking site of the Markina Auto Line. The space they occupy is very limited and can accommodate less than 50 persons.

Despite the limited space, the restaurant's menu is overflowing with selections.

This is only a preview of their menu. They still have variety of desserts, beverages and value meals to choose from.

We tried their best seller.

Yay for another best tasting fried chicken! Like the other restaurants, they offer spicy and regular flavored fried chicken.

I ate two pieces and my verdict? It's 4 out 5 stars. The chicken skin is thick, flavorful and crunchy. Although like most other flavored fried chicken, the white meat tends to lose the flavor. But for the price and quality of service, Bon Doys Chicken surpassed my expectation. They serve fast and have the most accommodating food servers. One of my cousins was even recognized by the owner as a regular client. The owner was generous enough to give us a free thin crust cheese pizza. Hooray!

After the heavy chicken meal, I tried their best selling dessert. 
Fried Oreo with Vanilla Ice Cream
One of the best desserts you can avail for only Php 59!

My cousin who refused to take the rice and chicken meal had this burger and fries combo.
 On my next visit, I will surely try this. And yes, Bon Doys Chicken is worth another visit.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!