Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 71 - Hello September!

I'm typing this in between the last day of August and the first day of September. :) While I'm very excited to welcome the BER months, part of me is frustrated with my blogging performance. I made less than 10 posts in August. I've been so occupied with teaching and freelance works. Although I can always accommodate a post every weekend, I can't find an interesting topic to blog.  Who would ever get interested with number crunching and Statistics?

Something like this?!?

My job is to weave true stories from these numbers. I have to find patterns, relationships and unnoticed behavior behind these numbers with the help of different statistical tools. So this has been my life over the past weeks. I breath and eat numbers.

I've been juggling two clients. I'm assisting Client # 1 for her feasibility study. Client intends to offer this unique beauty product in individually packed sachets. Wish I could tell it here, but I have to save everything for my client. A few things I learned from this project emerged from our exploration of the Philippines' skin care industry. The sad reality we discovered is the lack of successful homegrown skin care products. Most products in the local market were conceived and developed by the multinational retail giants.

Client # 2 is way different because we are analyzing the buying behavior of the Filipino market for cars. I was quite surprised to see myself in this project because I don't know anything about cars?!? All I know is that I love Fast and Furious and my troop of girlfriends never fail to admire smart and handsome men in wheels. Heehee Client # 2's paper made me discover that Fuel Efficiency is the name of  the competition in car sales these days.

So much about my work, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

When Friday came, I thought that I will be writing a boring and lousy Sunday post. But my friend G surprised me with her out-of-no-where desire to play bowling. As always, I messed up the scoring boards. LOL I was so good in making gutter shots. While I've been blessed with the patience to deal with the unruly college kids, my body never owned even an inch of athleticism.

After our play pretend competitive game (haha), we ended up at Recipe's. We savored the great food and the juiciest stories from the workplace.

Like my other Sunday series, this post will never be complete without my foodie adventures

Over the weekend, I was blessed with these

Cake from Max's Bakery

Two boxes of happiness from Pizza Hut, Chef Tony's popcorn and french macaroons from French Baker

All the more to love and support Chef Tony's popcorn

Lesson for some companies: Sometimes, the best promotional strategy does not come from the million pesos celebrity endorsement. Why not try advertising and promoting from the heart? :)

PS I had the most number of participants from my last Beautiful Sunday post. Give me until this week to visit Jeanne, Rajesh and Mrs. Bush.



  1. Statistics makes me cry, Diane! Kudos for being one who can make sense out of numbers :)

    I may join in on your Beautiful Sunday this time, even though it is not Sunday yet, over here :)

  2. Thank you so much for the cool Sunday party and yes...Hello September! Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Hi Diane!
    looks like between all that work you did have some time off for yourself to meet your friends! The bowling looks fun :) That sure makes up for analyzing that chart!
    Take care!

  4. Good Afternoon Diane, It is lovely to meet you. I cannot believe September has arrived, although I have to say, there is a definite morning chill in the air here in England, to make us realise Autumn is just around the corner.
    All my working life I worked with numbers, but now I am retired, the nearest I get to numbers is checking my bank statement.
    Bowling...... mmmm, I have never been very good at that, although my daughters love the game.
    I have enjoyed my visit Diane and I have become a new follower. If you have the time, I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me!
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best Wishes to you,

  5. You're getting busier at this time of year! Hoping this is the start of a great week for you my friend and namemate! Sweet hugs!

  6. "Busyness is a blessings D,, means more income to spend on christmas shopping! Happy Sunday! I miss you! God bless. Have a great week ahead!!! : )

  7. Thank you so much pretty girl for checking on Alexandra's page with her photography. She takes pictures of adults, food, scenery, etc., she is very versatile, and works free-lance for many magazines here in Ecuador and abroad. Except she's very patient and very imaginative with children and people are always asking for her photographs. The HOLA magazine is the Ecuadorian-version we have for around 5 years now. Alexandra has taken photographs for HOLA too. I am from NY originally, but of Ecuadorian parents and when I got married to my wonderful hubby, Alejandro I came to live full time in Ecuador, which I love and have dual nationality here, but it is not recognized in the USA.
    Have a great September!

  8. Always looking forward to your featured food stuff.. it never fails me..

  9. downtime for many... hahaha. i welcomed the BER months by downloading Christmas songs. they say it's too early but i dont care.. hahaha

  10. I don't know how you do it, numbers are extremely difficult for me. After a while I don't even know what I'm looking at. The foods looks delicious though! :P

  11. Hahahahaha.. namiss ko yang numbers and statistics na yan. I used to work on stat proj back in college kase I'm a Sociology graduate. Wala lang, share ko lang. Hahaha. Happy September! :)

  12. Speaking of Chef Tony's, lam mo last na uwi ko sa pinas bumili ako ng madami nyan at nagdala ako sa ofc. Yung mga puti sarap na sarap sa cheddar flavor. Di makapaniwalang sa pinas gawa ahahah. Meron nga palang outlet dito sa Orchard, ayun tinuro ko sa kanila hehehe


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