Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 72 - Overflowing treats

A bulk of my teaching workload is finally over. Classes are still ongoing but the technical editing of the college kids' papers is already mission accomplished. One task down! Though I'm still far from getting that 8 hours of sleep because I was blessed with a hardheaded challenging freelance client. If given the choice, I wanted this project to be over soon. To make this happen, I'm submitting to client's unreasonable demands ASAP. Unfortunately, what I thought as a great solution has been converted to another problem. Client tends to become more demanding since I submit outputs before deadlines. Sigh... My other client, whom I expected to be more challenging, ended up as the more cooperative. Another lesson learned indeed...  

Setting aside work, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

As always, there's FOOD!!! At some point, I'm thinking of renaming my Beautiful Sunday series because of the foodie photos. :)

Chewy Junior! It's like a huge cream puff to end my most awaited Friday night. Thanks to my college friend M for introducing this to me.

Goodies from Tous Le Jours and cake slices from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My forever favorite French Macaroons and one of the best coffee muffins I've ever tasted is from Tous Le Jours.

I arrived home with two slices of cakes from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leafn(TCBL) during the start of the week. They were actually gifts for my Dad. But since Dad is not a big fan of cakes, I ended up as the happiest beneficiary. Hihihi

I tried TCBL a few times but I never tasted their line of cakes. This time however, I enjoyed their slices of tiramisu and cheesecake. I guess I have a better place than Starbucks. :) 

Trying to be healthy at the workplace

Puto Calasiao and Smart C's lemon squeeze, perfect for the long and sleepy afternoons at the workplace

Treated myself with these in the middle of the week

Beauty and (foodie) Madness 

Belly Heavy meal from Taco Bell and a new set of beauty products from The Face Shop

While most girls would consider chocolates as their comfort food, my preference is an extreme diversion. I go for carbo loading in Taco Bell. Rice bowl meal, potatoes in cheese sauce paired with a tall glass of coke equate to my heaven of happiness and unhealthy oiliness. :)

I also purchased a few goodies from The Face Shop. I'm trying their version of everyday face powder and water proof eye liner. Confession to make, they are a bit expensive for my usual budget. Hopefully, these products will work on me. They are expensive but way cheaper than the MAC Studio Fix.   

The shoes in my shopaholic list is now mine. Yay!
My first pair of Yosi Samra in camel!
I've been wanting to acquire a pair of Yosi Samra. I'm however constrained with the little hefty price that comes with it. In the end, I opted to buy another pair of Anthology shoes last month. Anthology shoes are relatively cheaper and I can attest for its durability. I convinced myself that my new Anthos will make me forget my desire for Yosi Samra. Unfortunately, I ended up spending more. I wrecked my wallet for this Yosi Samra. Lesson learned: Buy what you want to acquire that much needed peace of mind :)

As expected the shopaholic me is dying to have another pair.  I wanted something in silver next time.

This one will not be about food.

Say hello to the newest member of our fun fab fam, Patch!! Actually his real name is Grey... yes, as in the boring color or the famous Christian Grey. In my mind however, I will forever call him as Patch.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. why cross the word 'hardheaded'? hahaha. well, the word challenging indeed sounds more positive. ;-) dreamcatcher!

  2. I did a foodie blog this week...a great place to go on a beautiful Sunday..only we went on a Friday! I didn't see it load on your site, hope all is working correctly! Patches is adorable! Gray is a cute name too, but I like Patches :)

  3. Good Afternoon Diane, What a wonderful treat, muffins and French macaroons.... sounds fabulous.
    Can I ask, what is so special about Yosi Samra shoes, I am sorry, I have never heard of them. They look like they would be comfortable to wear around the house.
    Patches, is so sweet, I could just cuddle him. I know you mentioned his name was Gray, but I agree with you, Patches is a lovely name for him.
    I thought I would mention, that I loaded my post, but I cannot find it. The note says there are 3 entries so far, but I cannot find them.
    Enjoy your Sunday,
    Best Wishes

    1. Hi Daphne! I also can't understand what happened to the linky. Why are the names not showing?! I'm trying to fix it though.

      Yosi Samra appealed to me because they are made of leather, foldable (I can't bring it everywhere, perfect for travelers and commuters) and best of all, very comfortable.

  4. French macaroons would be my favorites, they sound addicting. Sounds like you've had a busy deserve all the treats! Your new pupster is adorable.

  5. favorite ko ang ny cheesecake sa TBCL, sobra. enjoy the entire week. mwah!

  6. Food is always fun to share in a post! And you find so many wonderful goodies! I love your sweet new 'Patch'! How cute he is! You will enjoy giving him lots of attention and love! Sweet hugs my friend and namemate!

  7. Gosh pareho tayo. I wanted to buy a pair of Yosi Samra but ended up buying two pairs of Anthology shoes. Unlike you, I don't think my wallet would permit me to get another flats. hehe....
    Please do a review on your new flats. Did you get one size bigger? thanks.:)

    1. Hi there! New reader :) Yes will do a review soon. To answer your question, my size is in between 8 and 9. I took home the bigger size 9.

    2. actually, i've been reading your blog for quite some time already. ngayon lang ata ako nagcomment kasi sobrang nakarelate ako. and parehong color pa yung sinukat ko. :)

    3. Weee! kilig, natuwa naman aketch hihihi actually suot ko sha ngayon :) hayaan mo dahil malakas ka sa akin, gagawin ko na ang review over the weekend

  8. Love, love, love food... envy-ing your Yosi Samra pair

  9. OMG that puppy is love!!! And ypur a foodie just like me *Yayyy* ans surprisingly my comfort food is chocolate, potates, crisps and cheese!!!!! :D

    Zee Zoo from Memoirs of an Amnemonic Mind

  10. Hi Diane,

    awwww...sweet puppy! I didn't know you had a little doggy, Diane!!
    You deserve all the goodies, since you work so hard :) You have much
    more variety in sweets than we do over here. The shoes looks great!
    I hope your day is going well so far. Take care!

    p.s. and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate
    you stopping by despite your busy schedule!


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