Happy Sunday!

The past week was not good. I had my own share of disappointments from everywhere. I have a lot of unaccomplished tasks. My files are all cluttered. I began to experience the unusual headaches. I didn't report for work last Monday. I skipped classes. Someone deserves an award for agitating me the entire week. The limits of my patience is tested to the fullest. Sigh... I'm really hoping that things will get better next week.

Setting aside the negative things, here are the few good and beautiful things that made my week.

Cheaper, healthier and better! Fruits Snacks by Del Monte which costs around Php 20. This is perfect for frequent my hunger attacks at the workplace.

Pepero, which I think is better than Pocky. I'm loving the flavorful strips of biscuits coated with choco peanuts. Almost good except that I find it a bit expensive for Php 44 in most 7-11 stores. Hopefully, I can find stores that offer this at a cheaper price.

In the middle of the week, I dropped by The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (TCBL)  for this

My list of sweet favorites is expanding! TCBL's Toblerone Cheesecake was divine. This came in so perfect after a long and bad day. 

The hype of hybrid food! I finally had my own taste of the much talked about cronuts.

Dunkin Donuts released their version of Donuts in Croissants. As much as I want to try Wildflour and Krispy Kreme's version, their shops are way out of my everyday route. I settled with what the nearest Dunkin Donut store can offer. For a little hefty price of Php 75, I can finally say that I joined the bandwagon of hybrids :)

Another grocery find is this ready made cheese sauce from Magnolia. My family loves nachos but we don't know how to make the creamy cheese sauce. Although there's always the ready made sauce from Frito Lay, I find it too expensive for hundreds of pesos. I discovered a local brand that offers the ultimate cheese sauce less than Php 50. Yay!

Probably the best thing that made my week

A huge box of Sans Rival and my first jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter are happiness!!!  More than the sweet treats, they were actually gifts from my students. Thanks D, J and J! Good luck on your next research paper endeavors!

I would like to believe that I'm off for a good start this week. The mom of my dearest friend Anna, invited me for lunch. We are fulfilling Anna's dream on her 30th birthday.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead.