My blog is a shouting evidence of how much I love food. Unfortunately, my love for food is limited to eating. :) I appreciate food but I was never blessed with the patience and talent for cooking. My cooking skills is limited to sauteing and following the easy instructions provided by ready-to-cook grocery meals. While these meals provide the immediate convenience, most of these goods are unhealthy and almost tasteless.

Bounty Fresh is one of the few companies that aim to address this unanswered need. Bounty Fresh recognizes that people don't just need to eat. The active and busy lifestyle of the populace demands both healthy and delicious meals. 

Having been recognized as the first Philippine company to win the 2009 Best Poultry and Livestock Company of the Asian Livestock Industry, the company lives to its claim of providing delicious and top quality chicken products. 

Bounty Fresh's recent offering is the Top Torikatsu. 

Top Torikatsu is intended for everyone who appreciate great-tasting chicken dishes, but lack the time and know how to prepare meals. Based on the ever-popular Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish, Top Torikatsu is made from the choicest, 100% chicken breasts and is coated with crispy breadcrumbs for that extra crunch and texture. But what makes Top Torikatsu distinct is that it comes in two flavors – Classic and Cheese & Chives. The Classic variant is filled with delectable mayonnaise, while the Cheese & Chives variant oozes with savory cream cheese and chives bits. And most important of all, it’s easy to cook; just fry it for three minutes.   

Easy to cook and delicious meals, both are addressed by Bounty Fresh's Top Torikatsu. Even the least talented cook can impress anyone with the Top Torikatsu. Proof to this? Watch this :)

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