This has been the most relaxed weekend I had over the past months. For the first time, I wasn't rushing my lectures for my classes. Everything was already prepared last weekend and soon enough, it will already be examinations week. Classes are finally over!

Another thing that has been plaguing me over the past months is the challenging client who has been testing me to the fullest. She gave me until Friday to finish everything. Even though it was impossible, the stupid person in me said yes. It was impossible but I made things happen! After hours of experimenting, I found a way to finish her 1,000 plus tables in one hour. Whew! A few clicks and editing, that huge thorn inside my throat was finally taken away.

After feeling overworked, I treated myself to a little break. Come Saturday, I was able to watch our school's basketball game. My former student and now colleague LT agreed to join me. Thanks LT! (And yes, thank you for supporting my bear's dream heehee. Sorry for the little private story ;)

Instead of heading home after the game, I managed to squeezed in a little shopping. :) My best stress busting activity! I scored two blouses and bought a gift for my BFF who will celebrate her birthday.

I don't have plans for Sundays but another dear friend invited me for breakfast at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo. How could I refuse? It's one of my favorite places now.

After a full meal, we headed home and I spent the entire afternoon zzzzzz Priceless! Hahaha

It's 10:44 pm as I'm typing this post. I feel so blessed and happy for this rare relaxing weekend. I'm really enjoying what I'm having now. I still have some grown up concerns but this weekend is so far the best!