Whenever I visit the nearest shopping mall, you will most likely find me in the Ladies Wear, Shoes and Office Supplies. Heehee I'm looking for a nice button down blouse in blue, ribbon bow flats, or browsing some cute and colorful notebooks. The Home and Appliance Center is the least area that I visit. Although I appreciate modern home furniture and ergonomically designed office equipments, I rarely spend time in this section.

This week, I made an unexpected trip to the Home Section of SM Department Store. I need to purchase storage boxes for my items at the workplace. It used to be that all my things can fit my table drawer, small cabinet and shelf.
Old workplace niche - Pardon the clutter, everything is getting boxed up for the renovation
With the recent renovation at the office, my working space was downsized. I only have a narrow cabinet to accommodate all my things. I lost the useful drawer and shelves that provide easy access to my recent files. As a result, I decided to clean up last week. I was able to reduce the clutter, but I still have other documents, folders and examination papers to keep. Without the shelves, I have no choice but to store my documents inside those cheap plastic storage boxes. They don't complement the workplace atmosphere (I know) but I don't have a choice. It's the only thing that I can afford. I don't have the resources to purchase my own shelves, especially after I wrecked my credit card for this.

I was blessed with a new laptop for work. I'm thankful except for the fact that I need to purchase this gadget to gain a more stable internet access.

In the middle of the week, I visited the nearest SM during my afternoon break.  All I wanted was the most decent and cheap plastic storage box. Much to my surprise, I ended purchasing a black plastic crate. 

I wanted to purchase all the colored crates.  I wanted to stack the crates so it can function as a makeshift table for my huge printer. The largest crate in black and white costs Php 175 and after doing some Math, I decided to limit my purchase to one. I was also worried that the stacked crates might look like a storage area for dirty clothes. Heehee  

I never had plans of staying longer in the Home Section. I forgot my limited time because I was amazed with SM's improved and unique home and office collections. Here are some of items I included in my wish list. :)

This will go best with our everyday dining table. If my boss will agree, this can serve as chairs in our unconventional conference area. 

 Another set of chairs .. this time, it's so expensive!

 I love the black piece!

Reminds me of IKEA

An unique shelf for my TV, DVD player and books  inside my room. I might purchase this before the year ends. Hopefully, there will be stocks by the time I'm ready to purchase.

This could serve as a great table for my printer.

If only I can choose my office chair, I want this!

I enjoyed this rare and unlikely window shopping. Of the hours I explored the Home Section, I only ended up purchasing this.

I scored this for only Php 99. I wanted to purchase the HIS but in my mind, I know that there's no one who will be using it. :)

Have a great weekend!

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