I'm nursing a terrible headache while typing this post :( The light from the computer's screen is unfortunately aggravating the pain. To be honest, this is one of those rare weekends when all I wanted is to sleep and avoid any trace of light. 

The temptation to skip this Sunday post is testing me to the fullest. But I have a commitment to make :) So I'll try my best to prepare a decent post. I also felt obliged to my few blog friends who have been continuously linking up to my shy Sunday party. I have less excuses and more reasons to blog. 

Hours before writing this post, I remember two blog friends who mentioned me for these bloggy awards. It came in perfect timing since I don't have foodie and photo posts for the past week. To my dear blog friends Donna and Julie, thank you for the mentions! You two also saved me from making a lousy Sunday post.

Two blog friends gave me the Liebster Award some years ago. Repetitive but I will never get tired of receiving this bloggy recognition. Thanks Julie!

In exchange for the mention, Julie requested me to answer the following questions:

Favorite room in the house - My bedroom!

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? - Paris, London, Italy and all those places in Europe

Why did you start blogging? - Simply because I love to write! Blogging gave me my own space and chance to express myself in writing .

What do you like to do for fun? - Jogging and exercise! My weight struggle forced me to jog and exercise. As much as I want to jog and exercise on a regular basis, my self-imposed pressure discourages me.

What is your favorite food to eat? -  This blog and my heavy belly are living testaments to my answer. A LOT! Haha But if I will based it on my current craving, a slice of Toblerone Cheesecake from TCBL will do.

Are you an indoor or outdoor person? - I guess indoor. Blame it on the sun that is making me darker and fatter :)

How often do you post? - I try my best to post twice a week. Although lately, I'm left with my Sunday post. Things have been quite busy and unstable over the past months. :(

Do you have any pets? -  My family, particularly my parents take care of two dogs and few pairs of love birds.

Left or right handed? - Rightee, literally and figuratively heehee

Do you like to cook? -  I would love to learn.

Are you a morning or night person? - I'm quite unsure. I work in the day but over the past weeks, I learned to become nocturnal during weekends and holidays. For some reason, I became comfortable doing my freelance jobs from 11pm until 6 am.

For the Sunshine Award, here are my responses to Donna's questions

What is your beauty regimen? - I'm the worst person to consistently follow a beauty regimen. Although I've been fascinated with Human Nature's products over the past months.

In what way do you reward yourself? - Food and shopping!!!

What song best describes yourself? - Wonderful Crazy by Katelyn Tarver

What's your favorite place? - Aside from home, it has to be Tagaytay. I love the lush greeneries, cooler temperature and the relaxing environment.

What's your top 3 favorite food? -  Three will never be enough for me. Haha You know me Donna :) I have an endless list of foodie favorites. Cakes, potato chips and paella will do for now Hahaha They actually represent my current cravings.

What are 5 things you can't live without? - Hair Conditioner, hair clamp to tame the thick and always unruly hair,  handkerchief, my oversupply of sanitary pads, and a mild soap because I like washing my face as often as I can

What's your top 3 favorite blogs? - Why only three? :) I love Isabel Gatuslao's Design Blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls and Betsy's My Salvaged Treasures (I really want to add more!)

What's on your shopping wishlist? (Name 3) - Tory Burch's Reva flats, set of facial cosmetics from Clinique and a nice tote from Kate Spade

Given that your partner allows you to spend a day (24 hours) with a particular famous guy, who would that be and why? - No partner to begin with hahahahaha Even though I'm not qualified to answer, I would love to see one of my greatest crushes, JEREMY LIN!

Who is your biggest inspiration in life aside from God and your family? - My former teachers and workplace superiors who believe that I can make things happen.

What is your prayer to God at this moment? - The assurance that everything will be fine...

Thanks again Donna and Julie! To those who read my looong post, thank you for your time and patience :)