Soon enough, November will be over. The next month is my favorite time of the year for the two reasons. It will be Christmas and I will be celebrating my birthday. Yay! While all birthdays are meant to be special, 2013 will be most remembered because of a milestone I have yet to reveal. Heehee For now, allow me to have this selfish post. Selfish because I'm writing some items in my wishlist. I'm sharing a few of my material wish list for my birthday and Christmas. A few years ago, I made a similar list in my other blog. Majority of the wishes were granted. It's just that I was the person who made things happen. LOL No generous friends felt my silent manifestations.

For this year, I'm hoping that my friends (Code Names: Anne Klein Small King River, JCO Doughnuts, and Legally Blonde) will not just read this post. I need responses and confirmation dearest friends. Heehee Everyone still has a month to find an item in my list.

1. LL Bean Tote
I've been wanting this canvas and monogrammed tote from LL Bean. Unfortunately, the only way for me to acquire this piece is through online shopping. The bag costs around Php 2,000 with the mongogram. It will cost me some money but cheaper than my favorite branded items from Lacoste or Longchamp. When I considered Johnny Air, I learned that the transfer and shipping chargers might cost me more.

In case any of my blog friends will be interested, we could join forces and share the shipping and transaction costs. Anyone?

2. Makeup Brush Set

The Marionnaud brushes from Watsons will do. I also saw some cheap but nice brush sets from Forever 21. For the longest time, I've been battling the decision of investing to these beauty paraphernalia.

3.  Alex and Ani's Bangle
I've been lusting my own "D" bracelet since I discovered the arrival of Alex and Ani in the Philippine market. 

4. Gift Certificates from Fully Booked or National Bookstore

Yes to book shopping! Books from David Levithan, Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsella, will also make me happy.

5. Gift Certificates from any of these
Photo not owned by the author

Beauty shopping this time :) I want to collect eye shadow palettes, try the powdered BB cream from Etude House and a new bottle of mild perfume from Body Shop. 

6. Moleskine
The dream that is yet to be fulfilled. The frustrated writer in me has been wishing for her own Moleskine.

7.  Macbook Air's VGA port adapter

So I can finally use my laptop during my class discussions and lectures.

8. CUTE Armando Caruso Handkerchiefs 
I've been collecting and losing these cute hankies every now and then. A new set of cute designs can make me happy.

The last two items in the list are my impossible dreams .... as of the moment :) The hefty price that comes with these wishes will obviously not work for me and my friends. Hahaha Three years after the publishing this post, let's see if I earned enough to acquire these stunning pieces.

9. Valentino Studded Leather Pumps
Photos from Net-a-porter
Can I have both? I love flats so the beige version is a must! :) I researched the specs of the heeled version and I think I can manage the 2 inches. The pointed shoes and the studs appeal so much to my heart.

10. Tory Burch Nylon Mini Ella Tote


To my dearest friend : Legally Blonde,

I'm hoping you will push through with your Asian trip. As much as I want to join, I decided to rest my struggling financial status. I can lend you my credit card and please, please, please, buy this for me in Singapore. It's way cheaper in Orchard. 

So there, dearest friends. I have presented my options and preferences. Please fulfill your duties too. Heehee