This is the last day of my week long break. I'm feeling recharged and ready to face another semester ahead. I wasn't satisfied with my teaching performance last semester. My office work also suffered. I'm way lagging with my self-imposed deadline. Despite my shortcomings, I'm still fortunate to be given another chance of teaching assignment. This time however, the number of classes I will be handling were lessened. Much to my relief!

Before I finally face another work week, let me count the few beautiful things in my list.

I still can't get over our family's first attempt to join the Trick or Treat festivity. When we repeat this experience next year, I hope that it will be another gathering to remember.

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My current Korean addiction :) Can I just say that Maru Kang is freaking handsome. Heehee Cheesy hormones, attack! 

The local airing of the series is over. I'm quite late watching the series so I'm confused with the story.
I'm watching the entire series again through Drama Fever. 

I need to find this book! Searched several  branches of National Bookstore and Fully Booked only to learn that it's always out of stock. (Oh yes dearest friends T and G, the dedication is for the win!)

Ritz Toasted Chips is finally available in SM. No need to wish for an S&R membership.

I've been searching for a nice and affordable shade of matte eye shadow. I discovered this brand of mineral makeup in SM. I like the color except that I have a feeling that it makes me look darker.

I visited a great friend before All Souls Day. 

I was enjoying my quiet time inside the restaurant. While sipping my unhealthy Coke upsize and reading my dose of great paperback, an elder lady shared a seat with me. We had a short and meaningful talk over a great meal.

We headed to the cemetery on the first day of November. As always, All Saints Day ended up as another family reunion. 

Yakiniku @ home
 The family is getting addicted to Yakiniku. After visiting the cemetery, we gathered to have dinner together.

 My family enjoying the flavorful meat, mushroom, noodles, dory, squid cooked the Yakiniku style. 

The next day, me and my younger cousins met for lunch at the newly opened McDonald's. In the afternoon, we went to this neighborhood snack house that specializes on the best tasting waffles.

This week long break has been one of the best this year. Looking forward to making happy memories with my family again. Hopefully more of this on the next years to come.

Wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday!