Saturday, November 2, 2013

This rare vacation

How often do I get a week long break? Definitely, rarely. The best about this break is the absence of teaching and freelance works. Although I would have been happier to accommodate some work for additional income. Heehee

Morning Staycations
Unfortunately, this break will be over in two days. Sleeping late and waking up late. No alarm clocks to snooze and beg for additional minutes of sleep. Mornings are usually spent watching Korean drama series through Drama Fever and reading my dose of great paperbacks.

Some nights were spent with family dinners and reunions. Most of the time, I enjoy my quiet time at home while savoring my Nanay's healthy meals.

Pancit Bihon  (Rice Noodles in Vegetables, Pork and Chicken)
Can life be forever like this? :) 


  1. It is important to enjoy your breaks and "recover".

  2. Sounds like a vacation well spent. Dinners are reunions are always good. How do you like Kite Runner? I loved the book. The movie as well, but I prefer the book most of the time. Especially when the reading is done before the movie-watching. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your feedback. I like to know other people's point of view. I would love to stay in touch. Hope you'll enjoy the rest of your break.

    1. Hi Marieken! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm less than half way reading Kite Runner. It maybe too early to say but I'm enjoying the book. I love the author's choice of words and even how he relates the story. I'm planning to look up for the movie after I'm done with the book


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