It's the first day of my favorite time of the year! I'm looking forward to another meaningful and relaxing birthday and holiday. Before I finally embrace December, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week.

Happy 393rd Foundation Day to our School :)
The college kiddies I used to handle are showcasing their products in the recent trade fair and Foundation Week of our school. Hooray for the creative and hardworking kiddie entrepreneurs!

There is a sudden hype for Ramen in the Philippine market. The foodie adventure in me has to try. I bought the Japanese Ramen and Gyoza from Tokyo Tokyo. Not bad for Php 150 with my favorite red tea.

 The red bag reminded me of this dream nylon bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. While I'm still raising funds to acquire my first piece from Marc Jacobs, I might as well opt for Kamiseta's version. 

The mocha cake is a new discovery from a small  and infamous shop in the mall.

The last photo is my favorite Filipino snack called Sapin Sapin. It's made from colored glutinous rice sprinkled with fried grates of coconut.

Hope everyone had a great week too.
Wishing everyone a happy and memorable December :)