I'm currently rushing a freelance work. But why am I here? Heehee  Thankful and blessed because it means additional income for my family. Hopefully I'll have more during my most awaited two-week break.

Work and teaching are both fine. Things are smoothly running except for some self-imposed deadlines I failed to beat. I was hoping to finish my documentation project before 2013 ends. With the way things are going, it looks like I have to accept my defeat. :( I have to settle with what I can accomplish for December and complete everything on the first quarter of next year.

Setting aside the negativity, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week.

Biscoff Cookie Spread : the CRUNCHY version - Finally! I've been looking for this like forever. Haha  My parents are the happiest now heehee

Happy Haus Munchkins - Candy sprinkled coated munchkins I discovered in the train station

Deck the Hall! - The lone but not lonesome Xmas decor at the workplace. We have the traditional Filipino lantern called Parol courtesy of the Big Boss.

New Read! - Khaled Hosseini is my new favorite author. The shopaholic and bookaholic in me wants to buy all of his books. I found a copy of A Thousand Splendid Suns from Booksale for only Php 180!

Slammer Burgers -Another finally for me haha I discovered Slammer Burgers from another blogger years ago. The burger and fries addict in me has to try. I was more than satisfied with their mini burgers and belgian potato fries.

Marks and Spencer - I love M&S paper bag theme this year. I'm forever in love with color blue!

Freshwater Pearls - Yes to anything prettifying.

Homemade Spring Rolls - Thanks Nanay for making the tastiest spring rolls either in pork, tuna or chicken.

Chicken Bonchon - Had a relaxing dinner with a great friend last Friday

AVA.ph - Online shopaholic hormones attacked again. I bought a basic shirt, which I hope to review and blog. 

Small office problem solved! - I found this huge green clip / cup holder that fits drinks of all sizes. This prevents spillage and moist on my working table.  

French Macaroons from Tous Le Jours - Thanks to my student E for the early birthday gift. 

Happy Sunday!