Thursday, December 12, 2013

There can be miracles

This gave me tears.

More than the joy brought to the jetsetters, I felt the need to commend the hardworking employees of  West Jet Airlines. Upon further research, I learned that the entire "cast of miracles" were employee volunteers. I would like to believe that they went out of their way to make this happen.

Hats off to the men and women of West Jet Airlines who brought tears and made everyone believe in miracles.   


  1. Amazing! It warms my heart. The true spirit of Christmas is pure joy and giving. More on the material stuff but the thought that comes with it. It is uplifting to be generous and make everyone happy

  2. Diane, I haven't blogged for a while and only visited your blog again today. I am loving all this pink! :) and I watched that video earlier as well... loved it!

  3. ang ganda. :'-) sana mapanood 'to ng madaming tao.


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