I'm currently on a holiday break. Yay! Best about everything, I have two weeks to sleep without being disturbed by my alarm clock.

Days before my last day at work, this is how my work niche looks like. 
As Gretchen Rubin mentioned, declutter to happiness. I was throwing away some unnecessary things and brought home some work that needs to be accomplished. Yes, I still have pending works. I was quite unproductive this year. I failed to comply with my personal target. I want to redeem myself on the beginning of the year. Hence the take home jobs I want to finish. I'm also blessed with some freelance works. Hopefully all clients will proceed as planned.

Meanwhile, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week
Flowers and a little love story in the middle heehee Hi dear friend C! aiyiheee

I didn't buy anything from the flower shop. I joined a friend who bought something for her special one.:) While waiting for the arrangement, I took time to explore the shop.

The scene in the middle is something I did for a friend. I guess no one can argue with the fact that one of the best Xmas gifts is when your crush personally delivers a present. Sweetness overload for my dear friend C!!!

Still dealing with sweetness overload, we went to this chocolate house a few weeks ago. I accompanied my cousin who is currently addicted with baking cupcakes. Taking photos inside the premises of the store is unfortunately prohibited. If only I can show everyone the endless chocolates and baking paraphernalia.

Before going home, my nieces and nephews forced me to watch a live PBA game. While I love watching basketball games, I usually watch from the collegiate league. The last time I watched a game from this professional league was like 10 years ago. 

Some foodie discoveries here. Pocky in Choco-Banana is a recent discovery ... guess where, the nearby 7-11 store at the workplace.

Lotus Biscoff cookies, oh finally! Can I confess something, I finished the entire pack by myself in a week. Selfish glutton indeed heehee

Bibingka oozing with cheese and butter, Xmas will never be complete without this local treat.

Shopaholic hormones strikes again :) This time however, I shopped something for my niece.

As a birthday present, my best friend T gave me a gift card from Fully Booked. Bestfriends really know how to make the bookaholic in me the happiest. 

Speaking of book shopping, I discovered an online shopping mecca for all booklovers. Please check out Book Depository for your favorite books. Best thing about this shopping site is the everyday discounts and absence of shipping fees anywhere in the world.

Lastly, I just want to post this rare photo with my friends. :) Though I look so fat and healthy here, I just love our last photo for 2013.