Never give up your family.

I’ve witnessed how some of our relatives devastated each other. My late paternal grandma (Lola) is the greatest witness to quarrels and issues among our relatives. Whenever a relative visits Lola, conversations would often relate accusations and criticisms against another relative. These family clashes used to occur only among personal conversations. I’m amazed, irritated and entertained at the same time (haha) of how some relatives extended their harsh exchange of words in the cyberspace. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I don’t need to unintentionally eavesdrop conversations inside Lola’s house. Lol

One thing I admire about my Lola is her capability to stay in the neutral ground. She was always fair, impartial and accommodating to everyone. There were a few relatives who tried to engage her in a spat. But Lola’s kind and forgiving heart overpowered everyone.

This is the best yet unsaid lesson I learned from Lola. You should never give up on your family. You can have a lot of friends but at the end of the day, you only have one family. Saying this made me remember a quote from, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Charlie is fascinated and interested on how this family irony works. “Everyone loves each other but no one really likes each other.” Yes, this applies to us too.