It's a weekend of firsts. Not really a milestone heehee It's just the first weekend after my first full work week in 2014. Truth to be told, I haven't found my working pace yet. I'm still recovering from my two-week holiday break. Added to this my screaming empty wallet haha Why is payday seem so faraway?

Meanwhile, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week

A slice of Sans Rival -  How could I refuse my favorite?

Dunkin Donuts - You can never go wrong with Dunkin Donuts. I'm glad they are developing new variants such as the red velvet munchkins.

Chef Tony's Popcon in Country Cheddar - I can finish a small tub on my own. This kept me company while doing some freelance work during those wee hours.

Spam cooked in butter - Truth is, I didn't cook. I placed the slices and the tidbits of butter inside the oven toaster. Haha The end result was the inviting smell of butter in the entire kitchen.

Rocha's Puto (steamed rice cake) - Rocha's Puto originated in my hometown. This is a sure hit among our friends and relatives. You want one? We can meet in my hometown and consider it as my treat.

Sky Flakes in Oat Fiber and Tuna Mayo from  Century Tuna - Minus the mayonnaise, this is a healthier snack at the workplace. The Oat Fiber tastes better than the classic Sky Flakes. The Tuna Mayo comes in easy open can and retails for Php 28 in 7-11 stores. I'm sure it will be way cheaper in supermarkets. (Thanks dear friend T for referring the Tuna Mayo).

Dalandan (Sour Orange) - It's starting to cool down in Manila. Yay! While I appreciate the colder temperature as opposed the always summer weather here, I have to equip myself with enough Vitamin C.

Siomai with the fiercest chili garlic - Yes to this comfort food after a long day at work.

Braided Leather Belts - If you like something, buy everything haha There's still another piece in red, will I still purchase it?

Coin Purse from Ame & Lulu - There's no way I would purchase this purse for Php 1,950 ?!? Fortunately, the item was sold 75% off its original price. Win!

Necklace from Zalora - Thank you Zalora Philippines for the shopping credits.

My new read! - I first encountered the book from A Cup of Jo. Witty, funny and entertaining!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!