You can never get everything you like.

But the good new is, better things will come your way.

During my jobseeker days, I remember passing the examination and interview of this banking institution. It was one of my dream companies. I felt so optimistic because I surpassed all the requirements months before I graduated from college. Sadly, the company turned me down. I was told that there are no job opportunities that match my limited skills and capability. It was my first taste of job rejection.  Months passed and I became used to more rejected job applications. lol When I finally settled to my first job, my dream company was acquired by another company. My friends who were hired eventually left and transferred.

Some years ago, a prestigious university in my country accepted my paper for presentation. Before the year ended, I was informed that the conference would not push through. The aftermath of the hostage-taking incident in Manila threatened all the foreign participants. A year after, I received an acceptance letter from a university in Taiwan. It was only then when I realized that the opportunity lost paved the way for a better opportunity.

This has been the mantra I’m trying to adopt whenever it feels like the entire world has turned its back against me. Give me enough time to rant and cry ;-), I can get back on track. I will make things happen.