Patience grows with negative experiences. 

My friends would often recognize my extended tolerance for everything agitating and irritating. I’m always the last person to verbally complain. I’d rather sacrifice to address someone else’s shortcoming. I can’t figure how I emerged as another martyr, given that a number of people in our family are not really known for patience. Haha I guess my silent personality explains everything. I hate arguments. I hate dealing with people who are best in ruining everything.

One thing I learned about Patience is its positive correlation with negative experiences. As I gain more negative experiences, my patience is moving with the limits of infinity.

In teaching for instance, my patience is forced to expand with every unique and challenging kid I encounter. With a new project, I meet different people and discover another set of workplace attitudes. Heehee

I guess at the end of the day, gaining more patience serves as the silver lining of every negative experience. Another negative experience means another opportunity to learn how to extend patience. :)