Before I make another long and boring post, let me already conclude my experience with  
Book Depository.

It was great! 

The story could have been the greatest if the antagonist did not delay the delivery of my parcel.

Let me now relate how I landed on Book Depository. 

I discovered Book Depository from another blogger. Given that I’m a bookaholic, I immediately checked their website. My initial intention was limited to browsing the site. Obviously, my shopaholic hormones prevailed. What convinced me to shop is the FREE WORLDWIDE shipping. Hooray! I verified this when I made a trial transaction. Upon check out, I also noticed the absence of additional fees or taxes. Given that I will only pay for the item, I decided to make my first international book purchase.

I searched for titles and was amazed with Book Depository’s extensive collections. All the books I want are available. Best about everything, they sell both paperback and hardbound editions. In terms of prices, I was quite surprised to discover that some of their books cost cheaper than retail prices of National Bookstore and Fully Booked. The box set of John Green's books costs Php 2,739 in our local bookstores. Book Depository sells it around Php 2,500.  My heart wants to play Rebecca Bloomwood, but my mind was telling me to slow down. Hence, I limited my purchase to one book.

I placed my first order during the last few hours of my birthday. I was sad that day, if you still remember that post. As always, I consoled myself with this shopping attempt. 

Online shopping in December is obviously not a good idea. The holiday break and the high volume of shipping and deliveries will contribute to nothing but delay. I prepared and conditioned myself for the inconvenience. However, my tolerance for a shipment delay does not cover a month.

Book Depository claims that on the average, international packages arrive 7-10 days. Mine was almost a month, excluding holidays and weekends already. I did the usual move. I sent an email to Book Depository’s customer service. In fairness to them, the customer service representative was very accommodating. We agreed to wait until the last day of January. A few days after, my order finally arrived!

The local post office’s mailman delivered my book at home. I’m aware that there are duty and import taxes for imported commodities. However, I’m also aware that books and other educational materials should be free from any form of taxes. I was quite surprised when my mother told me that the mailman charged Php 50 for the book. It was delivered right to our doorstep with a minimal fee. The amount is cheap but the absence of receipt is something .... never mind.

Whatever it is, I decided to let go. I’m just happy that Book Depository delivered its promise. Despite the delay and the minimal fee, this will not be the last time I will buy from Book Depository.