The work is just overflowing :( As I'm typing this post, my mind is somewhere else. I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish everything this weekend. Two freelance clients, five research papers to review, and my documentation project that is nearing the deadliest deadline. All in all, they contribute to my stress eating and lately, a very unlikely eruption of pimples?!? (I'm already too ugly to accommodate another set of ugliness hahaha)

Setting aside these stress hormones, let me share the few good things that made my week.

I've been having a hard time getting up every morning. Blame the colder temperature (20 degrees today in Manila!) and the sun that rises late on the early months of the year.

The literally and figuratively green window at the workplace! The window used to be an empty view of the sky and adjacent offices. Looks like the gardener is still on vacation mode.

On the way home, I noticed everyone taking pictures of the dark sky? When I checked my Instagram account, I learned the reason behind everything. The rare occurrence of the lunar ring explains everyone's sudden obsession of the sky.

Can you guess the green thing? I would have been the happiest if it was a semi-precious stone. It's just Advil in soft gel capsule Hahaha  This became my life saver after suffering from extreme menstrual cramps.

Did I just mention stress eating? :)

I'm catching up with my teaching files. I need to check papers and prepare midterm grades. Hence, I always leave the workplace late. The tall bottle of Coke and the instant spicy Yakisoba were my constant overtime companions. They kept me alive and awake :O

Pan de Manila's paper bag is love! I love the reprint of the very Filipino painting.

Mc Donald's Oreo McFlurry and french fries never fail to save a stressed self and a hungry stomach. Unhealthy? Yes! Happy? YES!! :)

Rice in a box in spicy chicken chorizo is another life saver. This is one of the best things that can happen to your Php 45.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!