Never cyber quarrel again.

In Filipino parlance, making parinig or ranting over people without the courage of mentioning their names is a practice I often observe in my Facebook or Twitter account.  For some reason, people tend to be more brave and vocal in status messages. But when you meet them in person, they can’t really utter half of what they posted in their Facebook account.

I will not pretend to have clean hands. I’m another guilty criminal. I ranted over a friend, colleague to a random stranger who ruined my day. When I was new to Facebook, my five friends were witnesses to my daily dose of clamor. Thank God I only had a few friends then. When I started increasing my Facebook contacts, the position reversed. I'm now fed by rants and angst from my contacts. It was when I realized all the irritation I've caused to my friends. Whenever I rant through a status message, I spread the bad vibes, gain enemies and worst, I allowed myself to be feasted by gossipers.

I rarely post status messages these days. Thanks to blogging because I found another venue to rant with longer character allocation. Hahaha  But seriously, I regretted all the hate messages I posted. I ended up deleting everything. I felt so stupid and immature.

I still express my complaints, issues in life and negative sentiments through status messages. But this time, I'm more careful with anything I post. As one network said, think before you click. In my case, don't post anything you can't really utter in person. 

Better yet,