This is my first book for 2014. I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to finish anything this month. One down now, 11 more to go :)

I first encountered Where’d you go, Bernadette from another blogger. Her one adjective for the book, hilarious! True enough, the first part of the book was overflowing with Bernadette's humor chronicles. 

Bernadette is a full time housewife to Elgin and a stay-at-home mom to Bee. Prior to embracing such roles, Bernadette owns a bright and promising career. Despite her overflowing talent and potential, Bernadette closed this chapter of her life. She chose Elgin and Bee. More than prioritizing family, Bernadette's decision was uprooted from a series of events that will gradually be unearthed by the other characters.

Somewhere along the way, Bernadette went missing. This left Bee and Elgin clueless and devastated. Bee insisted finding Bernadette which made Bee discover her mom's past. 

Truth to be told, I can't see anything spectacular or revealing from the book. My heart is however convincing me to like and appreciate Semple's work. Here are a few reasons why I love the book.

Format or Presentation – Most parts of the book were presented in letters. It added more uniqueness and twist to the story.

Unpredictable Ending – I always believe that authors who are able to contradict the reader’s expectations are the best. They are capable of generating something out of the box. 

Humor – At some point, I’d like to believe there are more jokes exclusive for American culture, which I can’t understand. But as a whole, the book was hilarious.

I will never forget the “Microsoft Dad” who boasts his job to a fellow parent. The Dad was describing the homepage of Windows and all the stuff that initially appears on the screen. The mother can’t figure out the Dad’s IT skills. Only to later discover that the mother is a MAC user. This made me laugh for a while.  

Character Development – Bee is the best person who encapsulated the requirements of Character Development. She literally and figuratively grew within the confines of transformation.

Change of Tone – The last parts of the novel was way different from all the humor presented in initial chapters. The novel ended with all the drama and tears.

The Mother and Daughter Story – The book is another literary piece that celebrated the unique relationship between mothers and daughters.

Perfect Antagonists – How unlikely of me to appreciate antagonists?! Haha They are the characters I wanted to eliminate using my own hands. Surprisingly, this is a rare piece that made realize the value of the antagonists. They added the meat and fueled the suspense of the story. They kept me holding on the story.

Overall, I’d like to give the book 4 out 5 stars. And yes, I will recommend this literary piece to all the members of the female populace. It’s a feel good read that celebrates mother-daughter relationship.

PS Pardon the grammatical errors, I typed this post bleary eyed at 1:20 am. So please BEER with me, I mean BEAR with me :)