Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 92 - Last of January

This the last weekend of January. The first month of 2014 is about to end. It's only now when I realized that I already made four Beautiful Sunday posts. Time flies so fast, little do I know it will be December again. No, I think I'm beginning to be too ambitious. Haha

Work is getting stable as compared to the previous weeks. However, I'm expecting a sudden downpour of work next week. Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things that made my week.

More than half of the paper works in teaching are done. Midterm grades are done and all the research papers were emailed to my dearest kiddies.

In the middle of the week, I was tagged by the Big Boss to attend a major meeting. It's only then when I realized that I'm beginning to appreciate the power of Mac. Maybe I can later blog about the advantages and disadvantages of a Windows user who shifted to Mac. 

Layered Clothes for the rare cold temperature in Manila - Manila recorded its lowest temperature at 16 degrees Celsius this week. This rarely happens so might as well take advantage of the cold weather to wear layered clothes.

Still the constant view from the office's window - The view of the refreshing trees is great.  But the trees badly need a trim. Otherwise, the entire window will be covered with leaves and branches

Potato Chips and V cut - These are two of the local products I grew up with. They never fail to save the day.

Veggie Cupcakes - Squash and chocolates merged in a cupcake from a group of students implementing their business.

Chicken Shawarma Rice - I'm currently addicted to this dish from the school canteen. I swear, I can eat this everyday.

Mogu Mogu - A new flavored drink I'm beginning to love!

Oreo Cheesecake - One of the few good things that happen at the workplace. This cake has appeared many times in this blog.

Nachos in Cheese Sauce - One of the many reasons why I love Taco Bell

Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed Doughnuts- This is another way to end a long and tiring day. :)

Siomai with Chili Sauce - I will never say no to siomai especially when served with the fiercest bits of chili.

I'm still up for some freelance works. My bed is tempting me to sleep. But no, I have to deliver what I promised to my client.

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!


  1. 16 degrees?! That sounds terrific, I think it's freezing over here right now. And that Oreo cake looks mouthwatering, as you might know, I love Oreo's!

  2. You must be really full of topics here and you have a Sunday blogging series here too! :) I like that flavor of Mogu Mogu too and also the siomai :)

  3. Hi Diane!! It has been SO long since I have visited any blogs. It is so nice to pop in and say a virtual "Hi" to you. :) I have Windows - always have - BUT, I have always heard such great things about MACs especially in regards to graphics & photography stuff. Have a great week!! xoxox

  4. I hope you've had a nice weekend my friend and namemate. It's been cool here in Florida but not cold. And we have plenty of sunshine so I'm happy! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Oh! That's Mogu2x..been hearing raves on that from my officemate. unfortunately, i haven't seen that one yet. gotta grab one


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