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I’ve wanted to write this post days after I reached the age I’m dreading. Laziness, Christmas parties and the dissatisfaction from failed birthday celebrations made other plans for me. Over the holiday break, I was occupied with take home works, movie marathon and sleep. I can’t find the right time and pace to write this *hopefully* insightful post.

It’s been hours after our much awaited New Year’s Eve. I spent my first day in 2014 with my cousins. As of now, I’m enjoying my quiet time with left over food (Best, haha) and responding to emails of freelance clients. I’m supposedly on work mode. Backache and my elusive writing pace are unfortunately testing me. Hence, this post made it. Weird? Yes, even myself is surprised with the things I do.

As I face another decade, let me recount the few great lessons life taught me. I initially wanted to compile everything in one full post. With the help of all the great food around me, my creative juices were activated. Haha I decided to convert the post to a blogging series. Over the next days, weeks to months, expect some boring, preachy and melancholy posts from my page. :) Everything is dedicated to my goal of remembering the great deeds I learned as I journey another decade of my life.