Aside from the take-home work, I've been spending my holiday break with another favourite lazy and homebound hobby. Watching endless of Korean drama series and movies! Although I've been switching to different Korean drama series lately. I can't find the right series that can capture my interest. I'm instead devoting much of my time with the indie or independent films.

Let me share the few films I highly recommend

100 relates the story of a successful female professional whose life is suddenly taken away by Cancer. Instead of burdening herself with the painful chemotherapy, Joyce decided to prepare for death. She made a list of the things she wants to accomplish and experience. The entire movie related the days and her sentiments of making things happen.

Santa Mesa is a critically acclaimed film whose focal point is a kid brought to Manila following his Mother's death. Hector was brought to the custody of her maternal grandmother who struggled with hatred and haunted by memories of her daughter. Hector later discovers poverty and harshness of life in Manila. Amidst the cruelty, Hector meets Jose and introduces him to the word of photography.

Sorry for the absence of translation. I can't find a trailer with English subtitles.

South Korea is a country that interests me these days. Unfortunately, I have limited knowledge of their history. This film brought me to the darkest moments in their country. In the middle of the heartless dictatorship, a student activist finds refuge in the mountains and started a love affair with another activist hiding as a community teacher.

So there, just some of the movies I enjoyed over the holiday break. For some reason, I've been preferring more of the indie films lately. I guess I'm a bit tired of watching the mainstream. I appreciate unique plot and new actors. How about you? Do you know any interesting independent films?