I have to work with people I don’t like


     I used to be firm with the principle of ignoring people I don’t like. I have this selfish conviction of treating people that I way I see them. If I don't like you, you have to settle with my terms. I will ignore your presence. I will never communicate nor reach out. 

      I used to hate the idea of pretending to be good. In the local colloquial parlance, I equated this act as becoming plastic. Over time, I realized this personal immaturity. I gained better understanding of the meaning of being professionally civil.

      I learned that being civil is way different than pretending to be good. Pretending to be good is wearing the fake mask of a good person. This means forcing yourself to be good. Everything is a mere show. Being professionally civil means choosing to be in the shoes of the mature person. I chose to be good because I allowed maturity to overcome my selfish conviction. It will never be easy to be good to people I don't like. But at the very least, I'm giving them a chance. I'm likewise giving myself the chance to leave the excess baggage and accommodate better working relationships.