Friday, January 3, 2014

30 Things Life Taught Me # 2

Generosity makes one wealthy 
Halfway the past year, I have to wear the shoes of the family’s breadwinner. Despite the expectation, I never made preparations. Admittedly, planning was never my thing. This is very contradicting to the fact that I work for the Corporate Planning Group of a school.

My current financial state does not complement the role of the breadwinner. I’m still paying stupid and immature debts. I’m rebuilding my savings account and my investments are just starting. However, I can never use my financial incapacity to escape. I have to embrace the role. Choosing was never an option.

Fortunately, I was blessed with some freelance works this year. Should this happen a few years ago, I surely went on a shopping spree or booked a flight away from Manila. This year, most of my freelance earnings were spent for the family. A significant amount was spent for medical expenses and replacing major pieces of equipment at home. I never realized that I made something for my family. I never felt it was a sacrifice or obligation. I was more than happy that I have some money when my family needed it and this has been my constant prayer. I’m contented with the assurance that I have enough for my family.

Before the year ended, I started to see the fruits of my freelance works. The extended patience I have to render with every client, deadlines to worry, and all those sleepless nights paid off. I never rewarded myself but I never felt deprived. It’s only now that I can claim and attest to the idea that generosity can make someone feel wealthy.


  1. Hi Diane! same tayo ng belief, generosity will make you even more blessed and wealthy not only with money but mostly with love. I super admire you, I myself is a breadwinner too and I am more than happy to set aside my "wants" for the "needs" of my family. Keep it up girl. God will reward you and will help you provide for the family. God bless. mwahugs!!! happy new year!!!

  2. Aaaaw. May God bless you and yoir family more, Dianne! :)


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