People come and go

Almost two years ago, my dear friend Anna passed away. Anna was the first person who made me feel and understand the pain of being left behind. Aside from death, there were people who (I maybe wrong or right) intentionally left. After spending some years with them, distance and separation unfortunately dissolved our friendship. I tried my best to reconnect, but everything ended as futile and useless. It started when I always embraced the role of organising reunions. When everyone can't even take time to send a text message of regret, I got tired and frustrated. This explains why the past Christmas has become more quiet and relaxing.  I was left with few friends to meet for that most awaited Christmas dinners. 

I also burned bridges with some people from the past. There were regrets but looking how my life turned, I felt that it wasn't a bad decision after all. I lost some friends and gained new ones especially when I allowed myself to engage in new ventures, may it be work related or not.

Gaining and losing friends, this is an inevitable part of life. Regardless they decide to stay or not, I will never be complete without them.