This is my first Beautiful Sunday post for 2014!

I enjoyed my much needed two-week holiday break. I will be back to work tomorrow, meeting my dearest college kiddies and documentation project at the office. Before I finally return to work mode, let me share the few good and beautiful things I had.

An overflowing refrigerator because of New Year Eve's leftover, best! Great and overflowing food never fails to bring good mood. Hahaha

Pizza Hut's 7-cheese is another foodie discovery. Thin crust pizza oozing with different layers of cheese feels like a heaven of grease.

New Year's eve will never be complete without my all time favorite nachos with homemade cheese, ground meat and cabbage slices. 
New Discoveries + Traditions
I was able to finally taste YAKITORIONE in SM Aura. I had doubts and apprehensions. I was worried that I will end up ordering from 4 Fingers. My hesitations faded as soon as I tasted their Chicken Karaage. It was the best! Yakitorione will make it as one great reason to visit SM Aura.

As for traditions, I never blogged about my other favorite childhood fastfood chain. As of date, there are only counted branches of Tropical Hut Hamburgers. Luckily, the branch in my hometown is still alive. Despite the presence of other fastfood giants such as KFC, Jollibee and Mc Donald's in the area, Tropical Hut remains still. It even operates 24/7. It may not be appealing to kids today but I will always love this locally owned chain. The quality of the food remains consistent and customer service is best.

Still about food, these are just some of the treats I savoured over the holiday break. Cupcake from Brownies Unlimited never fails to make me happy. Red Velvet and Oreo Cookies from Sophie's Mom are the best! If only SM Megamall is not too far from work and home. Green mangoes with homemade sweet and spicy bagoong is perfect after our excessive intake of meat dishes. The black grapes has been my constant companion in those wee hours spent for writing and editing papers.

I will miss the colourful and creative Xmas decors in shopping malls. Before the holiday break, I went to Resorts World Manila with my few workplace friends. We explored the high end mall and casino and almost ended up eating at Mc Donald's. LOL Good thing, I was able to convince my friends to try another dining place. In my mind then, I wouldn't take time to visit Resorts World just to eat at Mc Donald's.

Before going home, I was able to take home french macarons from TWG. Yay or nay? Can I just say that for the price of Php 360, I was expecting more.

Here are some of my favorite presents last Christmas. The milk box contains a nice shirt from Kamiseta. Cute and unique packaging! A huge but cute notebook from my cousin A and my favorite perfume generously given by my Big Boss :)

Lastly, may I share how my Christmas shopping become easier. In my desire to lessen my trips to the shopping mall, I engaged to some online shopping for my few friends. One of my trusted shopping sites is Zalora.

Zalora is based in the Philippines so no worries about shipping fees and duration. With Zalora, I was spared from the long lines and exhausting commute to shopping malls. I also feel that I'm saved from unnecessary expenditures. This includes an expensive full meal, taxi fare or high gasoline consumption brought by the holiday traffic. I enjoyed my holiday break without the hassles of shopping. To further understand the system of online shopping and its security features, you can refer to this post.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!