I've been loyal customer of Kamiseta since I started working. There was even a time when every payday entailed a trip to their branch at Gateway Mall.

Last December, I chance to visit a few of their boutiques. I was able to purchase two blouses and the red quilted bag I blogged here. I liked the bag so much. I even asked my friends to buy me another piece for my birthday. My friend Anne also liked the bag. She was eyeing for a piece in navy blue. Unfortunately, the branches we visited don't anymore have stocks. I wanted to help Anne so I checked their online shop. To my surprise, it was available so I hurriedly purchased. I made the online transaction last December 31, 2013. Given the holiday break, I wasn't expecting an immediate response. Unfortunately, the next days gave me nothing but disappointment to Kamiseta's online shopping services. Allow me to enumerate the loopholes of their services.

1. The user account does not provide a facility for password recovery - I forgot the password of my first shopping account. I tried to retrieve the password through email, the usual process implemented by sites that require account sign in. Hours passed, I never received the password recovery email. To resolve the issue, I decided to create a new account instead.

2. I never received any confirmation of successful transaction on my email - Kamiseta's shipping policy states that a confirmation email shall be sent to verify the successful transaction. Days and almost a week passed, I never received even an auto-generated email. Good thing, I had transaction record in my Paypal Account. It was my last saving grace.

3. It took them several days to respond to my email - I was beginning to worry about the status of my transaction. I logged in to my shopping account to discover nothing. No transaction number or history of my order. I decided to send an email last Saturday, January 4, 2014. I checked my email on Monday morning, no response at all. I decided to fax a follow up letter which included the payment details from Paypal. I was able to successfully fax my letter after countless attempts of redialing their always busy number.

They were able to finally send a response before lunch time. Much to my dismay, this is the content of the email

Fine. This led me to identify two more problems

4. Stocks on their online shop are not updated on real time - Stocks in online shopping should be updated on real time. This is a basic requirement among online shopping facilities. You wouldn't sell something that is not available in the first place.

5. They lack customer service skills - SORRY. If the item is no longer available, they should make a way to address the problem. In my case, the lousy email escalated my level of irritation. WHAT NOW? The burden of their mistake was suddenly returned to me. In my opinion, they should have given me options. They should have asked me if I want another item or a refund.

I was no longer interested in purchasing anything. I made the decision. I demanded a refund. This was the response I received

Heck, another lousy response?! Waiting game? They should have included details when to expect my refund and possibly, whom to reach in case they fail again.

I gave them the last chance. Before hitting the publish button, I checked my Paypal account. Oh finally, the refund was processed.

Given the experience, it would take me some time to shop online from them. I'm not withdrawing my loyalty to the brand though. To avoid the inconvenience and irritation, I will stick to my usual shopping routine.