Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 94 - Ups and Downs

I took a leave from work last Thursday to accomplish some personal errands. I have a long day ahead only to be hampered by fever and a terrible sore throat. True enough, my prediction from my last post happened. I've been down since since Thursday. When I woke up this morning, the fever is gone but I still feel weak. I should be out by now to witness the baptism ceremonies of my friend's daughter. Unfortunately, I have to beg off.

Setting aside my health problems, let me share the few good things that made my week.

Hooray for Wendy's French Fries -  I was craving for huge cut fries from Slammer's Burgers. My route on the way home is quite a hassle to visit one of their branches. Hence, I ended at Wendy's with their best houseblend iced itea.

Diced Hopia - This was delivered hot and fresh by my student, JCC! It was his way of thanking everyone for the great presentation he rendered last Monday. Way to go future millionaire!

Fried Rice - What to do with leftover meat and rice? Fried rice saves the day!

Stash of Junk Foods - I took home my favorite Chef Tony because I was looking forward for a long day last Thursday. I will attend errands in the morning. I will accomplish freelance works and teaching tasks in the afternoon at home. But my health made other plans. The terrible sore throat kept me away from everything.

Song Seung-Hoon - is love! Haha The local airing of his drama series, When a Man Falls in Love, ended weeks ago. I was quite confused with the story because I missed several episodes. Truth is I don't anymore care about the story. Heehee As long as I see him, I'm perfectly happy.

Bookstore in When a Man Falls in Love - Aside from the great story line and handsome actors, I love South Korean drama series because they feature the best places. This of course intensifies my dream to see the Land of the Morning Calm someday. Hopefully, when I have enough travel funds and savings account for the visa application.

iWhite's Whitening Pack -  I purchased this very cheap Php 22 face mask only because of the cute packaging heehee

Taco Bell - The place with the colorful interior

My pink pillows and Lightning McQueen - The bed has been my constant companion lately :( Lesson learned: don't abuse one's health in exchange for additional money.

And a few other beautiful things I've been waiting

This Cath Kidston bag from - I'm raising Paypal funds to purchase this. Hopefully, this will still be available when I already have the money. Please :)

This medium sized Open Top Tote from Land's End - I purchased this bag  (thanks to my freelance work) but I have apprehensions and complaints about their online shopping terms. I'll blog my sentiments in another post. I'm quite anxious and worried about the bag that is yet to reach me.

LL Bean's Monogrammed Boat Open Tote - On the contrary, I admire LL Bean for the great customer service experience. I should have remained loyal with this company. Unfortunately, I haven't received my order because of the cargo forwarding company that is testing my patience. Yes, another failed customer service that demands a full blog post.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. Oh, fries, yum! I had them for dinner last night :-)

  2. tight hug Diane!!! sana you are feeling better na,,,

  3. I hope you feel much better now and you're tackling everything in style! Have a good week my friend and namemate! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. The Kath Kidston bag would be a treat! I hope you get it.

  5. Hi Diane!!!

    I'm back AGAIN! Hopefully this time I can remember to post more actively. :)

    I am SO shocked that you have Wendy's and Taco Bell there! I guess I should expect that, but I didn't! How cool! :) Those are my two favorite fast food places. and I absolutely love your Lightnin' McQueen pillow! It is adorable!! I hope you get that purse soon!! It is SO cute! :) and it looks like the perfect size.

    I'm sorry that you were sick. :( I hope you're feeling 100% very soon! I struggle with the same problem! Turning things down, even though the extra money would be great, in order to save your health is VERY hard. I guess it is also very important though. It's better to only pick up extra every once in a while, rather than work yourself too hard all the time and then miss many days of work due to sickness. :/ Oh life! Why must we go to work to make money? hahaha.

    Take care Diane!!!!

    - Amanda

    1. Amanda!!! YOU ARE SO BACK hahahaha I'm heading to your blog later :)

      When our paths cross, when I had the chance to visit your country, we have to meet and eat both on Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

  6. Hello Diane,
    I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope the nasty flu goes away soonest! Make sure you get lots of rest!
    I see you have purchased some things to cheer you up...good idea :) Now I'm craving fried rice! haha.
    Fingers crossed the CK bag will still be there when you've saved up! Thank you for your encouraging words over at my blog. I appreciate it so much!! Take care, Diane..

  7. Hi Diane!
    I have no idea what hopia is, but that looks SO good!! ;)

  8. I do hope you're feeling better by now Diane.


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