This was weekends and weeknights for me since mid-January. I've been meeting different clients at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I've been consuming frappuccinos, cookies and cakes. As much as I don't want to complain, I already feel saturated with all the coffee shop food in my system. The overflowing sweetness gave me this sore throat. Having been confined to the airconditioned shop with the number of people around, gave me threats of colds and flu. As I'm typing this post, I'm feeling an upcoming fever as soon as I hit bed.

The sudden arrival of freelance clients made me the happiest. There's additional money in the bag and I'm able to develop that self-worth and confidence again. I'm able to fulfill tasks and share my little expertise to people who needed it the most. Unfortunately, some aspects of my life have been neglected because of this. I've been getting less sleep. In effect, I always feel sleepy and lousy whenever I report for my office job. My take home teaching tasks are likewise suffering. The pile of papers to read and edit are getting taller again. I can't even accommodate a trip to the beauty and waxing salon. I have screaming split ends, very dry skin, added to this the additional lbs from all the food intakes. Visiting my dear blog friends also took a step back. To console my tired self, my takeouts from Taco Bell and deliveries from Mc Donald's have become more frequent. Sigh...

If there's one thing I wish right now ... sleep and more food heehee

Seriously, I always welcome the additional work. At the end of the day, I hope to enjoy and savor the benefits of all these sacrifices.