The summer break at the workplace officially started. Teaching and its accompanying tasks are temporarily over. The past week has been more relaxing. My attention is all focused with my documentation project. Things are almost perfect not until my best friend at the workplace announced her unexpected resignation. I admit, I'm still battling the sadness of being left behind. 

The atmosphere at home was the opposite. There was the unplanned get together with my cousins. We had a mini pizza party for Auntie A. See our humongous pizza below! :) Earlier that day, we had a mall date with the newest kid on the block. We the took healthiest kid ;) in the family to his happiest place. We spent the entire afternoon at Toy Kingdom and SM's Quantum.

Priceless moments with my fun fab fam :)

Confessions of a Shopaholic
In the middle of the week, I spent the entire day shopping with another dear friend A. We went to the  cheapest shopping mecca in Manila, 168 mall. I've been hearing nice things about Juana's Clothing Line. We visited several outlets and I was able to score three nice blouses. Best about everything, I spent less than Php 1,000. Count me now as one of the many loyal customers of Juana.

Still about shopping, my orders from Book Depository finally arrived. I ordered the books last March 6. Everything arrived before the month ended without the unexplained charges. I didn't pay a single centavo, unlike my previous experience when my books were delivered at home. This time, I had the books shipped the workplace. Who will not be happy with faster service without the additional cost! :) 

A misfit in the collage is the huge cut fries I had after a long day of  shopping. I've been craving a lot of these for months. 

Sweetest Treats
The sweetest of everything.... literally and figuratively

The last batch of Economics majors of our school uttered their farewells. Days before the actual graduation rites, our school has this unique send off ritual for all the candidates for graduation. I was able to witness their farewells from my working niche. I handled these kids for a number of semesters. Aside from feeling a bit sentimental, I really feel so old. Hahaha Where did all those years go? 

The sweetest cookies and cupcakes are my temporary happiness companions. Blame all the farewells and sadness lately. 

I just look happy but deep inside, I'm silently weeping. It will be my best friend's last day at work tomorrow. So last Friday, we went out for some katsu and coffee. It was my first time to try Tori Box and Hollys Coffee.  

Dude, had it really been 9 years? That span of time was like starting elementary school at 7 years old and parting ways when we turned 16. All the more I feel so old and awakened. I really should start doing something. Thank you for all those beautiful years! Though this appears like a sad ending, I'm convincing myself that this is rather a new beginning. Wishing you all the best on your new home!