Despite the hype for Yabu and all those restaurants offering Katsudon, it was only now when I managed to experience one. Thanks to my dear friend T. Had it not because of her farewell dinner, I would not gain bragging rights for the ultimate Katsu experience.  :)

Our original plan was to have a burger night out. Unfortunately, we were too late to discover that our target restaurant already ceased operations. We decided to scout the streets of Vito Cruz and agreed to consider Tori Box because the restaurant was new for everyone. 

The facade literally looks like a box :) 

I love the black and yellow colour schemes. The theme of the restaurant reminded me of the bare cement finished floors, steel chairs and wooden tables of Yellow Cab and Army Navy.

The pieces or decors from the restaurant appealed to me. I particularly wanted to take this board home.

The most important part of the this post, the food for our always hungry tummy

Mojos with sour cream powder - I like!

Cheesy Chicken or Pork (I can't remember haha) We were expecting melted cheese for this. Turns out, they use the artificial cheese powder

Cheesy Katsudon - My dinner and what Tori Box claims as their Best Seller

Orange Iced Tea - Nothing really special, it's just your regular iced with slices of orange 

Overall, I would like to give Tori Box 3 out of 5 stars. Tori Box offers reasonably priced and affordable meals. A Katsudon rice meal costs around Php 200. Cheaper than those katsudon sold in restaurants inside the malls. Students and budget eaters can enjoy a full meal at Php 300. Servings are also more than adequate for the price. As for the taste, this is where I'm quite reluctant. I have yet to try other restaurants offering katsu. Hence, I don't have any benchmark to consider. But just to give my verdict, I could say that the cheesy katsudon was just fine. Nothing really unique, special or even spectacular about the taste. I also have to mention that the restaurant does not provide comfort rooms for diners.  The most that they provide is a wash area. I may not be familiar with business permits and policies but I would like to believe that such is a requirement among food establishments. Aside from prices, the best thing offered by Tori Box is the great customer service. The service crew are all accommodating and patient with our inquiries.