Where did March go? The third month of the year went like a blur for me. There was the additional class I needed to handle, the deadliest deadline for my documentation project and the sudden resignation of my lone best friend. I admit, I still feel melancholy the past days. I have other struggles but as always, I'm taking things one at a time. I believe, everything will get better soon.

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made my first week of April.

My forever addiction to junk foods - A tall tumbler of coke, Oishi's plain salted potato chips and a new discovery from 7-11, chili con carne sauce. They kept me wide awake in one of those sleepy afternoons at work.

Last day of my dearest friend T - No more tears, no endings, just new beginnings for us :) I will get adjusted over my lone lunch breaks. Sending you all the good vibes to your new endeavor! Even though, you don't read my blog haha

The only talent of Patch - We didn't force him to learn. It was his own way of responding to all our foodie bribes. Haha Hopefully, he will not grow too big. Otherwise, our happiness will turn to fear whenever he does his own  "dog stand."

My first Levis - Honestly, yes. The brand is so expensive here in the Philippines. A pair can already purchase a full outfit from Bench or Uniqlo. However, my dear friend CC told me great stories about her pairs of Levis. Obviously, I was made to believe. Hence, the paper bag that slashed a significant part of my freelance earnings.

I'm getting addicted to this boring and neutral shade. - While blue is still my forever favorite, I'm collecting a lot of beige items lately. It started with the flip flops and my first ever pair from Rockport. 

The mall wide sale is not doing anything good for me. My original plan was to purchase another flats from Anthology. However, I was drawn to Rockport's 50% price reduction on all shoes. At least in the Philippines, Rockport is not a cheap brand. On the average, a pair costs around $ 100. This is not something I can purchase every payday. But the mall wide sale, how can I refuse? This is another thing that doesn't happen every day.  I went home the happiest with my first pair of sturdy, stylish and comfortable flats. Best about everything, I learned that my first pair was made using Adidas' Adiprene technology. Seriously, a pair of stylish flats that offers same arch support with that of a running shoes? Dream come true! :) 

As always, here are the overflowing food uploads 

Whenever I would visit TriNoma, I make sure to drop by my favorite burger stand. I almost didn't recognize them because they changed their name from Slammers Burgers to Slammin' Burgers. I can't understand what for? Whatever it is, I'm still happy because they kept my favorite sinful meal :)

Cheese sticks over the weekend - Another source of happy grease :) Although I feel less guilty because this was homemade.

Red Lanterns at the Lucky Chinatown Mall - I never fail to take a shot of the mall's collection of Red Lanterns. The kid at heart in me is forever amazed. 

Sincerity Chicken and rice - Nom nom nom nom :) If you want the best tasting chicken without the hefty price tag, please try Sincerity Chicken at Lucky Chinatown. 

Gelato! - This is perfect for the summer heat and the never ending list of stories and laughter with some colleagues.

Advance happy birthday to W! :)

The annual bowling tournament at the workplace was scheduled last Friday. After the tiring game, we all went for a great dinner at Shakeys. My cravings for mojos, manager's choice pizza and spaghetti were finally fulfilled. Thanks W!