South Korea has always been one of my dream destinations. Even before my addiction to the drama series, I have always been interested to visit the country. It started when I gained very nice Korean penfriends back in High School. They would send me stamps to increase my collection, the classic postcards, cute necklaces and DIY birthday cards. More than the gifts, I appreciate their efforts of writing letters in English. I was surprised when some of them told me that they are not taught English in school. Some have minor and limited classes. Most of them learn the international language on their own. Unfortunately, I lost interest in writing letters and I really regret it now. If I pursued our constant exchange of letters, I now have Korean friends for more than a decade. If only I have the means, I would love to reconnect and meet them in person. 

Since then, I silently dreamed of visiting the country. My dream was just intensified when I was introduced to the world of these Korean drama series. More than fulfilling my hopeless romantic needs, I constantly observe the beautiful places featured in each drama series. I already have a long list. :) But as of date, everything still remains as a dream. I have yet to build my travel funds and fatten up my savings account for the visa requirements.  However, I was surprised when I learned that one of my dream places in South Korea has been brought to the Philippines. 

When I watched the Rooftop Prince, I noticed the coffee shop that has been a constant location in the series. 
Hollys Coffee witnessed all the romantic and annoying villain scenes of Rooftop Prince :)

And now, Hollys Coffee in the Philippines! :) 

Fresh Coffee... Romantic Space :)
We discovered Hollys Coffee by accident. When my friend T invited me for dinner, I noticed the coffee shop inside One Archers Place. We initially don't have intentions of trying. However, our discontentment with Tori Box encouraged us to end the night with some coffee and sweets. 

I was glad that the Philippine branch replicated the original style and interiors from South Korea. The coffee shop is dominated by wooden interiors. A few bloggers pointed that the excessive use of wooden finishing made the place look so old, almost like a boring and antique library. I agree but my weird preference tells me that everything looks great. 

I also appreciate the fact that the place is so quiet and not crowded. This is contrary to  all those famous coffee shops that almost look like a noisy food court inside shopping malls. This is really the best place for reading, studying to client meetings. 

We didn't stay here, but I'm loving this area. In the future, my own space should have something like this.

T ordered this coffee whose name I forgot haha I was more amazed with the transparent stirrer. 

I had my favourite fix of frapuccino :) I prefer this queuing system than having my name mispronounced, misspelled and shouted by the baristas. 

Here's a cork board that features the different Korean drama series shot in Hollys Coffee and a few notes form past clients. 

The only disadvantage I see with Hollys Coffee are the limited branches. If I'm not mistaken, they have another branch in SM South Mall. Either way, both branches are quite far from home and work. But overall, I love Hollys Coffee during my first experience. I will definitely come back ... hopefully with my own romantic and happy stories to relate heehee