I'm writing this post a few minutes away from Sunday. I just came home from a very long trip from Morong, Bataan. I'm dead tired from the 4-hour bus trip, commute from Manila to home and unpacking all my dirty clothes. While downloading my photos, I took my much needed warm and relaxing bath. I planned to finish this post right before I finally call it a day.... Minutes after typing the first paragraph, my plans changed. zzzzzzz :)

For the annual summer outing at the workplace, we went to Bataan White Corals Beach Resort. It was my first time to explore the shores of Bataan. I'm actually more exposed with the beaches in Southern regions of the Philippines. Pardon my exhaustion, I'll let the pictures relate everything.   

 The resort boasts the rare salt water swimming pool. Most of my colleagues appreciated the warm salt water too soothe their unexplained body aches.

This is my favorite part of the resort. I love the spending my quite time at the beach front with these locally produced wooden chairs and tables.

My perfect vacation meant staying away from all the noise and chaos of the city life.

I just need a comfy beach chair under the shade of this mushroom?!  :)

An afternoon walk which started with the perfect summer weather

It ended when the skies are threatening to give an unusual summer rain.

Trunks of coconut trees and corals act as makeshift benches 

Beaches in the Philippines will never be complete without the coconut trees

Blue skies, green grass and colorful pants ;)

Morning of the next day, I suddenly can't wait to be back home

This reminded me of home.We used to have these towering Mast trees, long before my Father decided to cut them down. They threaten to break the glass windows especially during the period of strong typhoons.

The typical look of the villas

The freshwater pool, another inspiration for my dream home :)

Time to say goodbye