I didn't realize that February is over and I'm blogging this for March. Two months already passed for 2014. In a month, my classes will be over. I will have my most awaited summer break. My documentation project at the office will finally receive my full attention.

Before I officially leave February, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week. 

Working on a Sunday morning - I'm working for two consecutive Sundays already. Truth is, I don't have a rest day for the entire week.. I had to report for work yesterday. I met a client, read papers before Sunday and served as a substitute teacher. The papers will be over today. The teaching tasks is yet to end until mid March. I can't wait to have my longer sleeping hours again.

This heartwarming movie - Can you guess what movie? I started watching the film last Monday. But my exhaustion made other plans. I slept halfway the movie. :(

Attack of the bagaholic hormones - As mentioned in my previous post, my canvas tote from Lands' End finally arrived through Johnny Air. Minus the shipping costs, everything is fine. I really love my sturdy and stylish tote. Aside from my Lands' End, I purchased another bag. :) My excuse, I don't have a small bag for those rare formal events and Zalora offered a flash sale. How can I refuse a 40% price reduction? Thanks Zalora :)

Saying goodbye - This college kiddies would soon graduate. What makes me sad is that they are the last batch of Economics majors of our school.

8065 Bagnet is love - My dear friend CC is having pregnancy cravings. (Joke,hahahaha) I love you CC! It was a week ago when CC invited me to try 8065 Bagnet. Without any idea where she will drag me, I said yes. True enough, this was an impulse decision I will never regret. 8065's bagnet is the best.

I also have to mention that I love the font used for 8065 Bagnet. It appeared to me as a fine dining restaurant when in fact, it wasn't. It's a budget friendly place.

Bagoong rice and Bagnet - We ordered the specialty of the house. I love the sweet, salty and spicy twist of the bagoong rice. Best about everything, this meal is very affordable. A set meal costs Php 115.

KFC's Cookies and Cream Shake - Need I say more? This was one of the perfect ways to end a long tiring day.

KFC's Twister in Pizza flavor - Sugar overload is perfectly complemented by this carbo loading sandwich. I love the crispy strips of chicken, tomato and cheese sauce.

Siomai with the fiercest chili - As always, the comfort food. I would like to believe that there was never a month when you cannot see my uploads for my favorite dimsum.

Cheap and full meal - The additional teaching job required me to work until 830 pm. The nearby reliable eatery is a life saver. For only Php 50, I have a full meal to last until 830 pm.  

Red Velvet Cake - Thanks Big Boss! There was never a week without a free afternoon snacks from the Big Boss.

Trader Joe's Crunchy Cookie Butter- Of finally! Everyone at home is happy with another cookie butter. Although to be honest, I still prefer Lotus Biscoff's version.