I've been spending more time with clingy friend, CC lately. :) Over the past week, CC was more than willing to wait for me. On one of those weeknights, we decided to try this restaurant.

My initial impression, the restaurant looks like a fusion of Army Navy and Yellow Cab. I even thought that it might be a sister company. This is something I have yet to validate.

I wanted to try their angus and wagyu burger.  However, budget considerations tell me that I'm only good for their rice meals. Hence, we ended with this order.

Maybe my first visit is not sufficient to rate the restaurant. I should try a couple of times more. But at this point, allow me to rate the restaurant with my limited experience.

Food - I ordered their chicken fillet paired with java rice. Everything was just fine. Nothing really unique and special with the meal. To compensate, all dishes are cooked upon order. Hence, freshness and quality are ensured. Waiting time for orders is minimal and tolerable. As for choices and variety, I can give an above average rating for the restaurant. They have rice meals, pasta, burgers, side dishes, deserts, and beverages to choose from.

The rice meal I had may not be that impressive. But their houseblend ice tea was surely one of the best I ever tasted. It has the right blend of lemon, not too sweet or sour.

Service - This is where the restaurant excels. All the service crew were attentive and responsive to the needs of the diners. Orders are likewise cooked fresh and fast.

Place - The creative interiors is for the win! Cleanliness is another aspect where the restaurant excels. I noticed that all tables are clean and dry. Far from those stained and sticky tables in food courts and fast food chains. 

Should I give it another try?

At this point, yes. I have yet to try their burger meals. Hopefully, their burgers are way better and special than the rice meal we ordered.

For more information about 8 Street Bites, please check out their social media accounts.